Wood & Paint in honor of Grandma

This was one of my grandmother’s famous lines. She liked company to know when they’d overstayed their welcome. lol.

I bought a prefab wooden sign, painted the flowers with acrylic, and created a vinyl stencil for the words using the cameo.


Got pix?

Or maybe my tablet isn’t working with the website…

I just added it. Thanks for letting me know. I’m fairly new here.


Very funny!

Your grandma sounded like a hoot. Are the flowers chipboard? The fonts you chose are lovely.

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The flowers are made of chipboard, attached to the sign. It came that way.


Too funny! This turned out super cute.

I love the contrast between the elegant script and what is actually written.

Go Grams! What a fun way to personalize a store
bought base!

That’s awesome! :rofl: Sounds like something my Grandma would have said!