Wood stacking game

This is a wood stacking game. The frame and beaver are laser cut and glued from plywood. The logs are cut from hardwood dowels and sanded.

The idea is you stack up all the logs in the frames and balance the beaver on top. Players take turns removing logs, not from the top. The player who makes the beaver topple loses.



This is so much fun! And, way cuter than Jenga :slight_smile:


This so so adorable and the woodwork patterns are lovely. Well done!

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Whoa! This is very cool.

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This is super cool!

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So sleek! Agree that this is cooler than jenga.

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How cool! Did you make up this game yourself? It’s such a fun idea.

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Beautiful game! And such a fun family activity!

Great game, and it looks lovely!

@endymion I saw a picture of something similar on Pinterest, but couldn’t read the game rules (not in English) so I made some up.

It was a gift for my mom’s boyfriend who’s into decorative wood stacking, which I had no idea was a thing until I met him.

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This is super neeto! A decorative game :grin: I would display it and play it!!!

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Oh my goodness. Our school would love this! It’s so Montessori. :raised_hands:

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I love this.

This is so fab! I’m sure it’s fun to play with, but also very cool to look at!

I know this game and the rules are the same! Like jenga and you’ve lost when the beaver comes tumbling down.

Yours is way better! I love wood and natural materials!

Great work! :metal:t2:


Ah, I learned something new as well. This is such a charming gift! It’s definitely much cooler and more intriguing than the regular wood stacking game. Very nice!

Oh this looks so well made! The game sounds way more thematically interesting then Jenga too. That beaver is so cute.

That sounds like a really cool game.

This is so cute, I love it! I would love to have one of these, totally charming!

This is utterly adorable.