Wood vehicles

I got the scroll saw in today and made two for one of my younger niece’s boys. I still have the wood burning their names and the year I made them (as per the musket snap/pop gun my grandpa gave me for Christmas in 1985. If I can dig it out of the attic I’ll show that off, as another one of my old toys I still have, heh).

And I put the dates as license plate numbers, :smiley:


These are so lovely! My great-grandpa used to make wooden toys for all the kids at Christmas time. They’re all coveted in my family :two_hearts:

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Just have the woodburning and sealing and they’ll be done.

Update: just finished them all, and the truck came out awesome. It’s going to an older kid.



Amazing! Love the wheels and the wood burned details!

I know it’s not your style of posting but folks are missing these newer pieces because they think they read the thread already. Feel free to make new posts of your awesome completed projects! They deserve to be seen and praised!

Of course you can also keep adding to this thread and hopefully folks will get curious and click again!

Great job especially with the 18 wheeler! The wood burnt customization is so special.

These are FANTASTIC!!

Soooo cute! I wish to be your grandson :smile:

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Welcome @Cassy0110 !