Wood vehicles

Got them done. Now to wait til Sunday to see my grandson’s eyes, :grinning:

The wheels are a little small, but meh, they’ll be fine.


What fun! Toys to love for years.

Too cute! Did you use a bandsaw for cutting them?

I wish, but unfortunately, no. I used a hand miter saw to make notches, then knocked the pieces off with a chisel. Then I used a grinder with a sanding pad to grind them down into shape. After that, a cheaply made rotary tool to sand the rest of them down. And finally, sanding them down by hand.

Though, I really really really wish I had a band saw (or at least a scroll saw). Meh, maybe some day I’ll be able to get one, HAH!


That’s a lot of work, making these even more impressive!


Treasures!! I’m sure your grandson will love them! Excellent work.

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These came out great, well done!

I’m sure he’ll love them, my sons who have when they were little.

These look so well done! I’m sure he will treasure them and hand them down to his own son someday!

These are so utterly charming and I imagine really fun to play with!

They are wonderful!
I bet your grandson will love them.

There is something so cool about chunky wooden toys. Yours are great!

These are amazing!

Wow! These are a true labor of love. You do some amazing things, sir.

Wow! You put a lot of work into these! What a fun play set. I like your towing solution, it looks like it will work great for small hands.

They are so awesome! What did your grandson say/do? Such treasures!

Picked them all up. Dropped them. Turned around and found a knitting needle I dulled for him and began to hit the drums I put together out of buckets, plastic, and duct tape, :rofl:. Meh, he’s still fairly young, 1+1/2.

I did get on the floor to try and show him how to play with them, but drums…Oooooh drums! Heh!


Congratulations! These fantastic toys are a FEATURED PROJECT!
Thank you for contributing to our community. :green_heart:

Haha…at that age everything’s a toy. My dad always says just get ‘um a box and bubble wrap! :laughing:

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