Wooden Train Station

From the day my oldest one started to build large and complex landscapes with his wooden train set he wanted to have a model of Dresden (the city we lived in) main station. here‘s a reference image.

When we moved away some time around his 5th birthday, I decided to turn it into reality:

He‘s long since moved from wooden trains to H0 models but he still takes them out when playing with his little sister.


Oh, I recognized the station from your model, even without reading the description! This is so great, I know it must have been a dream come true for your kid. And I love the bubble dome feature, that is just extra special :heart:

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What a great likeness!

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I also recognized it right away! Is the ceiling made from fabric?

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This is amazing! It looks just right with the wooden trains.

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Oh what a fabulous family treasure! :slight_smile:

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So cool!

Love that you recreated a local landmark - it turned out so well!

Thanks everyone.

@anna.wahnsinn, @Immaculata I’m surprised that you recognized it just from the picture. That’s such a huge compliment.

Yes, the roof is made from fabric. I should have recorded the specs when my son listed them. It went like this:
“Mom, there need to be 8 tracks in the middle and three on each side. And there’s a glass roof on the entrance hall. And fabric for the main roof. And don’t forget the outside track for the cargo trains”
That was damn accurate for a 5 yo.

I reduced it down to 1 track on each side and 2 in the middle. The fabric roof was a must, though. It’s the most impressive thing on the real station, too. There they used a fiberglass and teflon membrane that’s less than 1mm thick to cover the whole massive building.

If you’re interested I can post pictures from the other side, too. I just need to find them on my computer.


Oooh yes please, more pics! I didn’t know about the actual roof, that is so cool. I thought you used fabric to maybe make it removable so your son could play inside. Move the trains I mean. For me it was the shape of the front coupled with the dome, and the fact that it was raised, that just made me go “I know that one!”