Woodsy Conversation Hearts Valentine Cards


I saw someone who had used this die set for the heart-shaped wood slice to make conversation hearts and had to do it!


I decided three per card and then decided to make 14 cards… so that’s 42 hearts. The background papers were all from 2 Valentine cardstock pads from stash. In fact, the only purchase was cardstock for the yellow hearts.


One heart is glued down, one is attached with foam dots, and the third is on a wobbler.


The insides are stamped with the same sentiment in either red, hot pink, or purple ink.


Then for fun, I used this stamp on the back.

I have had these red card blank/envelope sets for years so it was nice to get 14 of them out.of.here.

The last two are for a couple of gal pals who I watched Somebody Somewhere with and we got lots of laughs and good talks around that show. If you have watched it and are familiar with the throw pillows, then you know why the image is blurred. If you haven’t, it’s blurred for the use of the c-word. :flushed:


It think these friends are going to find this hilarious!


Cute Valentines! Love the “This took forever” stamp on the back.

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Thanks! I love that stamp, too! There’s another in the set that says "you better like this: which I think is hilarious pair with “this took forever.”


Oh I love (“wuv”) these! The combo of carving into wood and conversation hearts is genius. Love the sentiments, too, especially the ones for your gal pals even though I’m not familiar with the source. :smile:

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These are great!

Thanks y’all! Despite that muchness of it all, I enjoyed myself the whole time!

What fun!
The extra dimension and movement that you added makes these cards extra special.
I love conversation hearts, but they are a bit hard to find here.

These are awesome! You do make some fun cards! Have you given any thought to the Galentines Swap? Just sayin’…, :star_struck:

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Awww, you’re sweet! I always have way more to do than I have time for which keeps me from committing to swaps.


Love the blurred ones. Hilarious!

Thank you! I giggled a lot making those!

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These are so fun! My subconscious must have been thinking about these earlier because I doodled a large conversation heart for a card. I can see the wobbler wobble but what is a wobbler? It reminds me of how excited I was when my friend showed me pop tabs for the first time.

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Thanks! I probably should have used their formal name, Action Wobbles. This image the smallest (and I think most useful) size. What I bought a few months ago is a 100pk of a much bigger size (blue label) which worked for these.


Ha, I think even if you had said “Action Wobbles” I still would not have known what they were! Nifty thingies! This is a bit of a game changer, since there has been at least one project in the past that it would have been much easier to use one of these rather than trying to look for a squat spring.
You have the best crafting stuff!!!

Hehe. But at least you could’ve successfully googled! The way these are made, the spring part collapses to only the thickness of one layer of the plastic and inside one of the ends and the other end is very thin, so they don’t add a whole lot of thickness. The ends are easy to work with and the adhesive very good, too. I picked up some clearance Park Lane springs at JoAnn a couple months ago and didn’t like them at all. WAY too long and the weight of something would easily pull the spring down if displayed upright. I ended up taking them apart, shortening the metal spring, and putting them back together.

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That’s a problem, especially if I wanted to use one for my Halloween cards. My mom and oldest sis display them every year, so they have to not droop. My mom saw one of my chunky houses in person and decided that she wants one of those every year either in lieu of or addition to a card. She’ll have to fill out a Q for me! :laughing:

ETA: Just looked on amazon and they’re $12 for 12 or $15 for 100. Umm… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Price is how I ended up with 100 of the XL size!

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:sparkles: :two_hearts: :deciduous_tree: Congratulations! Your wonderful Woodsy Conversation Hearts VAlentine Cards are a Featured Project this week! :deciduous_tree: :two_hearts: :sparkles:

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WOW! Thank you!

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These are so cool!! Love your work!