Woodsy Window View Shaker Cards - Bigfoot Thanks You

I guess it’s become a tradition that after Christmas I make thank you notes to send to the loved ones who have given me gifts as I have done so for quite a few of the last several years.


After dipping my toe into the world of shaker cards at Thanksgiving, I got the idea to use this window die I’ve had for a few years and these punched Bigfoot pieces that came sewn into a little bunting.


I dug through my cardstock and came up with 4 different patterns to use as wintery “wallpaper” then a few whites/off-whites for the window frames.

All the materials came from stash, including the snowflake “confetti” and clear glitter that is what shakes around.


The forest is made using various green papers and this set of nesting triangle dies that includes 5 of each size. I bought the set with trees in mind, so it was fun to actually do it.

The whole thing is attached to ivory card blanks, stamped inside. I made a dozen and used my SIzzix Big Shot and a guillotine cutter for cutting all the papers.


oh my, bigfoot shaker cards. Love!

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These are so amazing!

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Thanks, pals!

So cute!

These are very cool. I love how easy you make it all sound and then bam! amazing cards appear!

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Thanks, y’all!

@mellybelly81 Well, it was easy, but it was also time consuming. Before I even had the trees cut, I realized that I had perhaps gotten carried away with my intended plan! Sunk Cost Fallacy be damned, I persisted.


You had me at Bigfoot!

These are so darn cute!

Very cool design!

Thanks so much!

Smashing! But i am confused about the 5 nesting … things. Were they templates? Or part of a card?

Thanks, @Camelama !

The nesting things are the triangle dies that I used to cut the trees. The package on the lower right is the one for these triangle dies. Five matching sets of 5 sizes of triangle.

The package on the lower left is a set from the same line, but squares.

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These could have been windows into a snowy world, but you made them extra playful by adding Bigfoot. I’m sure your recipients will be tickled.

Thanks! BIgfoot is how they will know it’s from me! Well, also the return address and the contents of the writing. :upside_down_face:

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