Wooly basket - Stash Buster

You have all inspired me to use up some of my cache of random yarn. Most of it donated over the years. It’s come in handy for all kinds of odd ises, but it takes up space. Two big bins of the silly stuff…those 56 qt. tubs.
So a basket. I really like how this turned out. About 7.5 inches tall by 8 inches across. And thank you YouTube for the handles.


I really like this. What size yarn & hook? The colours, just mwah! :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Random yarn from the stash, and a wooden crochet hook of the large variety :laughing:. All from stash. I used 3 strands for most of it, but the last color had lighter yarns, so 4 strands of various colors. The first color was 2 forest green yarns and a variegated (browns, rust, gray, and teal). I carried the variegated throughout the basket. The second color was 2 rust and the variegated, the third was gray, tan, and a variegated gray/green plus the variegated. I single-crocheted the whole thing as tight as I could. Took a few evenings and sore hands. I pulled the hook out of a basket of miscellaneous knitting needles and hooks gathered from tag sales.
I hope that helps a bit. Definitely a scrappy project.


Lovely! I have put mine to work and have started another one!

I just learned a little trick on the YouTube to make non-stretchy handles…crochet over strips of denim…so yeah, I have a stash or three of denim…lol

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It’s so cute!

Hurrah for you, busting that stash! Your basket looks great and must be sturdy since you used multiple strands of yarn at once. The colors blend very nicely.

I love a good stash buster. Especially when it comes out so nice, like it was planned all along.

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Wonderful wooly goodness!!

The earthy colors add to the charm. It looks cozy and makes you want to fill it up with ideas.

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I love the creative melding of the scrap yarns. Beautiful and functional!

I love this! Dang, I need to learn to crochet before the arthritis gets to be too much.

Yeah, my right hand has arthritis in my ring finger. I’ve damaged it several times over the years and it’s not complaining in it’s waning years. But I can still crochet for while each evening.