Wooly Crescent Moon Hoopla

I started this over a year ago as a present for my sister. Originally I had been inspired to make something more complex (and completely different), but I decided to use velvet without thinking about how limited my free handing skills are :stuck_out_tongue:

The moon is made from felted mountain goat wool I collected on a hike. I started by felting the wool and then added the embroidery. I’m pleased with the way it turned out and my sister likes it which is the most important thing.


Such a cool use for wool you collected on a hike! I love it!

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Very cool! I didn’t even know you could do felting on velvet. Nicely done!

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Such a great combinations of textures!

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Very different. And I mean that in a good way.

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this. is. FABULOUS.

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You felted found mountain goat wool onto velvet??? Wild stuff, for sure!!


Thank you for the lovely comments!

It’s funny, I didn’t really think about the felting not working with velvet. I had the fabric on the hoop and needle felted it that way. Maybe the tension helped it not turn into a disaster?

The velvet makes this look so lush and like a perfect night sky. It’s lovely.

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