Work Out Gear - shorts, leggings, bag and scunchies

My first post on the new site :tada:

After I managed to survive the flu and pneumonia a few years ago (long story - you can read it here), I figured out that I LOVE to exercise. Work out gear is expensive so, I made due with what I have for a long time. Here is all the stuff I’ve made so far!!!

I used the Very Purple Person’s reversible bag pattern to make something for my wearables:

(used some awesome Anna Marie Horner fabric I got SUPER cheap at Michael Levine’s here in LA)

I made one revision to make the body longer/deeper:

I made a couple of pairs of shorts (pattern by Purl Soho):

finished-shorts - fabric also from Michael Levine’s but at the $2 a lb store)
liberty-shorts-final Liberty Japan Fabric - purchased on a trip in 09 and re-found in my stash early this year)

I used the recipe from Sew So Easy to make a couple of pairs of leggings:

- again Micheal Levine’s $2 per pound store)

And some scrunchies based on my own pattern from spoonflower:



Almost dying does change a lot of things in a human’s life, good that you got better, and healthier. And while I’m also a “nerd” who don’t like the sport idiots, those that only talk about exercise and protein and so on, I want to get into better shape because of several reasons, it’s just important to find the exercise you like. I love rowing, and dancing, and walking, because of my horrible bad knee I can’t do certain things, like skiing and biking.

I think the bag is amazing, really pretty fabric, and the shorts and tights and scrunchies, just great job making your own gear, they look amazing and you are able to save money :smiley: No need to give the huge companies more :stuck_out_tongue:

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Kudos on being able to make your own gear! I want to delve more into garment construction-this just may be my year

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Wow! These are all fabulous. Love them!

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Making the bag deeper was a great design mod. To stuff all your clothes way down deep. And SUPERIOR KUDOS for making leggings. They are a huge ripoff, and yours are fantastic. At one point I was going to suggest a Sporty Maker swap - either practical or fun, just to rep our love.

Those shorts remind me of the piped ones I had in the 80s. Purl Soho always has it going on!

Finally, thank you for showing the seems! Great job!


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Those shorts are rad!

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i love all your fabric choices!

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Incredible story, and fabulous work on the gear. Turns out there are lots of us nerds in the gym, and some of us are even nerdy about gym things. :eyeglasses::muscle:

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Thanks for all the love, Everyone! It was my bestie who finally got me in a workout studio (Hot8Yoga in LA) but the first year was me at home with workout videos.

That is EXACTLY why I used it! husband hates them but I LOVE the pattern!


You did a brilliant job with the bag and all of the clothes, good for you! And good one taking care of yourself too :heart:

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@Animegirlie Yas! With the white piping???

He doesn’t know the love! He’s thinking 80s bball court shorts (before the long jersey ones came in). Which were not generally flattering to the mens.

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These are great! I really love the fabric for the flowery shorts. :slight_smile: What a incredible and inspiring story. I’m so glad you are recovered and are even better than ever! :smile:

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Yay for recovery! And yay for the awesome workout gear you made!

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I’m in love with the bag you made - that’s the perfect use for an oversized print like that.

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Your story and your gear are so inspiring! What a frightening experience, but you have such incredible strength and creativity! I love the fabrics, and that shorts pattern is amazing.

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