Woven and Embroidered Texture Hoop

I made this woven and embroidered hoop for the Go Bananas Swap.

I started by weaving the wool yarn base right onto the hoop. Here’s a progress shot:

The hoop was made for me by Mr. Road and was sitting in my stash waiting for the perfect project. Once I completed the woven part, I started embellishing with stitches. I didn’t really have a plan, just wanted to fill it up with texture.

I used some new stitches for this project, including picot, which was super fun!

I did add a loop for hanging after I sent this. It was a fun little experiment!


That is so cool! I love that I can identify your projects by sight alone, because you have a distinctive style that I love so much. Sort of rustic, cool boho. The textures on this is tops!

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Very neat. I could curl up and go to sleep in it. It is so inviting and rich in texture. I also like that there are so many different things to explore.

It looks like a treasure map! Super cool!

I still feel like I’m trying to find my style, so thanks for that!

Bonus: the yarn is sooo soft!

Totally!! :laughing:

When I saw it in the swap gallery, I was thinking it had been felted somehow. But it is really totally woven, right? Very cool! I love all the designs; they look almost tribal or map-like. And of course that texture is lucious!

Yes, only woven. My felting skills are limited to the one lesson I got from @PerfectlyBohemian at the Asheville meetup!

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Mind blown! Poof!

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That is so awesome! I love the embroidery on top of the weaving! Really great textile piece.

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This is just so freakin’ cool my friend. I love your technique, your aesthetic, and all the texture you created. It feels like a world I could fall into and get lost.

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Very fun and funky!

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Thanks, friends! :smiley: