Woven circles, again and again and again

That’s beautiful!

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That. Is. AWESOME! WOW, I am agog, such glorious scrappy thready colourful goodness, it’s just so good!


What an amazing and original design!! They’re really beautiful!

What a fascinating idea! Love them!

That looks so cool! I’ve always been a big plaid fan, so this is right up my alley.

Wahoo! Your wonderful project is one of this week’s Featured Projects! Thanks for sharing it here with us!

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This is so brilliant! Both vibrant and elegant.

I still have questions. I love this. And have an idea for my weaver mother for Xmas. That could use this.

Do you draw on your circle and just lay out (tie down) warp threads? And then just literally weave in weft? I feel like it looks so much more complicated

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Yeah basically :joy: The warp is just a series of long stitches slightly separated to create the initial circle shape. It’s knotted on the underside of the fabric to hold secure, only when I switched to a different color thread. And then the same for the weft threads, only knotting on the backside when I wanted to switch colors.

I’m gonna try it. It’s curling season on TV and I like having couch handwork.

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OK. Another question.

Is there a structural or specific reason you cut the circles off the original piece you sewed them to before attaching them to the wall hanging?

Like is there a specific reason I couldn’t weave the wee circles onto blocks and say, make a quilt from them?

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I was using up scraps of fabric so they were a lot of separate pieces. There were only a few bigger scraps that I could do a bunch of circles on. You could definitely apply the circles directly to your project fabric and avoid any cutting out circles like I did.


They would make such excellent bases for merit badges. I love them so much!
I have something similar on my sewing machine cover, a TM square you sent me. I was looking at it today in fact. So awesome.

Beautiful. Like everyone else I’m dying to give this a go. I love how your random “using up the scraps” turned into something so pretty.

Really stunning. I hope you consider submitting this somewhere for a juried fiberwork.