Woven circles, again and again and again

After finishing a big project, I found myself with no WIPs to work on (that I felt like working on anyway) and restless hands, so I just started making woven embroidery circles. No reason, other than I like making them and they look neat. So I kept doing that…for a while.


And then I finally decided to do something with them.

It was hard to capture, but there is iridescent embroidery floss intermixed with the regular strands which is a nice small detail. And overall it turned out simpler than I was imagining but it’s nice to get up close and notice all the different colors and patterns that come from mixing the fibers.


I love looking at these! The way the colors blend when they overlap is so neat. I can imagine that they were relaxing to make, too. They look great displayed together like that.

Did you just knot each end to keep the floss in place? I like how neat the back side is. How big are they? And, did you just zigzag around each circle to keep it from fraying when you cut them out? Can you tell I want to try this? :laughing:


Very cool I like plaid stuff… this is great inspiration!

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Very cool display!

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WOW WOW WOW Is all I can say! I could stare at this for hours

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A tut would be sweet. Hint, Hint.


Awesome! I love how each one is it’s own unique little piece, within the larger whole.

(P.S. If you do decide to go through with joining us in the HP Craftalong this term, this would be an awesome project to fill the Astronomy prompt.) :wink:


This is so pretty and so unique. I love this. I too would love a tutorial!


Well, it’s a good thing Valentine’s Day is past, because I have found a new love! These are simply dreamy! [swoons]

These are gorgeous and even the backs are super pretty!

I so LOVE how you put them all together! It looks very modern and clean, and also lets all the details of the small circles shine. I would also love a tutorial…

@craftADDchick - yes, knots at both ends :slight_smile: Each circle is about 2 inches diameter. I applied white glue to the fabric before cutting out the circles, same technique I use for stumpwork, and that stops any fraying. :slight_smile:

@MistressJennie - ack, I keep meaning to jump into the HPC. Last I was looking at all the prompts and got a bit overwhelmed lol. I’ll have to try again.

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WOW!! :heart_eyes: I love these so much! This is such a great piece but also a reference for future designs.

Thank you! I think this could be a fun way to use up those last little bits of floss that are too short to really save. I might set up a little hoop just for this whenever I’m stitching. Did you have a lot of trouble keeping the tension even? They all look so perfectly flat!

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Hahaha, exactly. This started as a project to use up all those little leftovers exactly like you describe. But then I ran out of those lol.

I stitched each circle in a small hoop, I think 3" - it made keeping an even tension not so bad.


I really like this! It looks very cool.

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This is breathtaking! I love it so much. How big is the entire hanging thing? I’m having a hard time imagining the scale of it all.

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I love this. It kinda opens up a whole world of appliqué ideas. :heart:

That’s what I thought. Hence giving you the nudge on what prompt it might fit. I’ll add you to our Homework Planner google doc, which has abbreviated versions of all the prompts, making it easier to look over at a glance.

I didn’t measure it but it’d be about 18" x 30" so pretty big? That’s a guess though. I wanted the overall size to be substantial though.

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