Woven Houndstooth Scarf

I’m trying to use up the smaller amounts of yarn that I have, so I can buy/spin more to take its place, and came across some of my older hand spun wool that I thought would make a subtle houndstooth pattern for my oldest 30-something son (that loves both natural and hand made items).

The yarn:

The scarf:


Wow, the colors and textures are just stunning. I have never seen houndstooth with this color combination. It is just lovely.


That is gorgeous!

Oh wow. This is gorgeous.

Beautiful yarn and fabulous scarf! The texture is amazing.

this is so impressive. I love the colors.

I love this! And the colors! Beautiful work!

oh the end result looks so damn pretty, really well pattern on the scarf :smiley:

Agree! So unusual! And the sheen!!

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You folks are sooo sweet! Thank you!

This is just wonderful! I’m sure your 30-something son just loves it!

Lovely! And the edging and fringe is so beautifully done too!

Great color and texture.


So glad to see you around. I have missed seeing your project posts :slight_smile:


L2E :heavy_heart_exclamation: You were always a bright spot on this forum! I have missed you!

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Now that we’ve settled nicely into our new home, I’m sure we’ll be seeing much more of each other here :smiley:

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Absolutely gorgeous scarf! So even and such great colors combined together.