Woven Inkle Bands!

Wow, how fun are these!? Glad to see you again, too!

Your bands are amazing! Such nice patterns and colors! And they are so even on the edges!

May I ask how you do the one with squares? (Yellow, blue and pink with black)

Thanks so much! I’ve been practicing the selvedges a LOT, hehee.

That one with the squares is also just a plain weave pattern I came up with (it is a sport weight yarn, so the individual threads also come through thicker, I think.) If you look closely you can maybe see the two rows of pattern. I thought I had written it down, but I can’t find it anywhere at the moment. I’ll try to find that one and get a closer photo.

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Gorgeous :heart_eyes: I want an inkle loom SO Bad, unfortunately its $200 to buy one in my area and NO one will make me one :sob:
I might just have to get into woodworking first.
Ive tried without and it just doesnt look good.
Im super jealous

Edit: this ispired me to double check kijiji and I found a loom. Can’t wait to start :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Ahhh shucks! Time to find some dowels and a band saw!

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With an Ikea Bekväm spice rack, and some extra bolts you can actually make one yourself. I have bought the things necessary, but not built it yet.
Instructions can be found here if someone wants to try. :slight_smile: https://www.instructables.com/DIY-Weaving-Loom-From-IKEA-BEKVÄM-Spice-Rack/

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Nice! I’ve been using an inkle loom, which is a little different (and allows for string heddles), but that’s a pretty cool design!

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