Woven Placemats

I got a placemat loom for my birthday so I had my mother pick out yarn so I could make her some. I finished making them last night. She plans to paint the dining room the cream color in these.

On the loom.

All four finished

The yarn used was #4 weight and still a bit too thin even held double with the gauge of the loom. My mother still liked how the first came out so was fine with all of them being like this. She is going to starch them so they hold their shape better.

Loom: CinDWood placemat Loom, 1/2" gauge, 132 pegs (this can also be used as an afghan loom which is when you use the black corner pegs. when weaving, you don’t use them)
Yarn: Berroco Modern Cotton in Piper (cream) and Warbler (blue)
I used almost two skeins of the cream and maybe half of one of the blue.

If you like weaving or using knitting looms, I highly recommend the looms from CinDWood! I have many. They are great quality and the customer service is fantastic. She has a group on Facebook if you want to learn more or head to her shop. (They have games and other things too). nope, I don’t work for them, just love the products.


Oh! I want to get a bigger loom. Maybe I will check them out. I like the colors you chose.

I didn’t know there were placemat looms. Too bad they don’t make cotton loopers larger because those would be great for this.

Have you washed the placemats? They might tighten up a little in the wash.

I love the colors and that you framed the cream with the blue.

I have not looked since I prefer yarn, but I heard you can get big loops that are usable on looms of this size.

The placemats have not been washed yet.