Woven scarf. 4 shaft loom

First large project on a loom in over 40 years! Cotton and chenille. Many mistakes but soft as butter!


Awesome! Great colors.

This is beautiful! How long did it take you?

It’s lovely!

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Lovely!! I’m a sucker for chenille…! :heart_eyes:

That is very pretty. It reminds me of the beach.

Really makes me want to try my hand at weaving again.

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Beautiful! I love the color palette.

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Thank you. It’s vintage chenille and I was thinking “beach”

Thank you! I probably have about 30 hours in, not counting warping the loom which took hours…it had been so long since I’d done it.

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Me too and this was vintage. A great find !

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I love that you said that. It’s what I was channeling when I chose the colors!

Your weaving is an inspiration every time. I just love the way it looks when it’s done. Great job!

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I can only imagine how soft this is! Definitely makes me want to get my loom out again. Warping is just so exhausting. :slight_smile:

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Congrats! Your Woven Scarf is one of this week’s featured projects. You rock!


I love your scarf!

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I love it. I’d like to have a loom someday.

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it is but worth the work!

I graduated from college in 1979, waited until 2019 to finally be able to buy one! Never give up!