Woven Wine Bag

We have a tradition of going to the neighbors the week before Christmas with a bottle of wine. This year I decided to construct a small bag from some fabric I wove on my Schact Flip rigid heddle. Fast and I think it turned out okay


It’s so pretty.

I like the houndstooth pattern. Also, what a nice tradition! Did they appreciate it?

That is actually another gift…one that can be reused for other things…so lovely…the colors are fun as well.

That is really cool! I love reusable gift wraps/bags :recycle::green_heart:

Beautiful! And not just because it is blue… so very nicely done.

wait. did you weave the material for the bag? WHHHHAATTTT? that wine bag is now GOLD, my friend!


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Welcome @MullersLaneFarm! You did such an awesome job. I really like the colors.

Yes, both the wine and the bag. :smiley:

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Love this! Houndstooth is one of my all-time favorites. And I am just in awe of people who not only weave, but then also make something useful out of it.

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What a great tradition, and the bag is certainly a great addition for the gift

I love that you’re so nonchalant. Just whipped these up fast for a gift. Lol. It looks incredible and like it would take forever. You made your own fabric! That’s next level in my book!

Yes it can!

I only basted the bag together so it can be easily taken apart to be used as a short scarf or table runner!

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I love houndstooth also. I wove a houndstooth scarf for my oldest son from my handspun for Christmas. Let me see if I can dig up pictures.

This weaving is only on a rigid heddle but I’m dicovering just how much can be done with it using pick up sticks. The folks using 3-16 heddles are the ones that blow my mind!!!

LOL, honestly, this was whipped up in just a couple hours. Thank you though!