Wrap dress

Hi all! My New Year’s resolution is to give more time to crafting, including posting what I have made! I was on Craftster a long time ago (but mainly a lurker), so hope to be more regular here.

I am from the UK, and my best friend recently got married in the San Francisco area, so I wanted to make a dress which was super special to wear at her wedding.

I don’t really like using patterns, so I draped this. I based it on a dress I’d seen one of the women wearing on Selling Sunset (love that show!), and also a wrap dress I wore to a wedding the year before. I’d originally planned for the dress to be full length all the way around with a split up one side, but I ran out of material and had to adapt it.

I was so pleased with how it turned out - I made myself do all the sewing properly and made sure I didn’t cut corners. I also did my first automated buttonhole which I was really excited about!

The location for the wedding was absolutely gorgeous! The three of us girls from the UK all wore blue, (which was completely unplanned) and so we were dubbed the bride’s “something blue”!

I am getting married (in the UK) in October this year, and will be making my wedding dress! Eek!


This dress is absolutely stunning! Good luck with your wedding dress, don’t worry, with this amount of talent it will certainly be gorgeous too!

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Oh wow…you did a phenomenal job on that dress. It fits you perfectly! Congrats on your upcoming nuptials…and I can’t wait to see what you come up with for your wedding dress.

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That dress looks absolutely gorgeous on you! :heart_eyes: I’m so impressed you made it without a pattern (I’m so impressed you made your own dress full stop!). How lovely that you were your friend’s ‘something blue’.


That is a gorgeous dress! I’m sure your wedding dress is going to be amazing :smiley:

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@Immaculata thank-you! It’s just a bit daunting, and I tend to put things off until the last minute!

@loves2experiment thank-you! I have decided to use a pattern for my wedding dress and have bought it and cut the paper pieces out so far. I just need to get some old sheets to make a practise run and then I can buy the expensive material! :grimacing:

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It is stunning and it really suits you. The fabric is gorgeous.

Ooooh that came out stunning I really like the short front. I bet your wedding dress will be amazing too. Good luck.

:heart_eyes: gorgeous dress and it fits you beautifully!

You did a gorgeous job on the dress, especially without a pattern! Can’t wait to see your wedding dress!

The fit is great…but the design is just so flattering and modern!

Can’t wait to see your wedding dress…it will be stunning, I am sure!

You did a beautiful job and it looks gorgeous on you, bravo! You are ready to tackle your own wedding dress for sure, give yourself plenty of time and have fun with it. We’ll all be excited to see your final creation I’m sure :).

Great job drafting/draping
Your pics turned out fantastic, congrats on getting married and can’t wait to see your wedding dress!

This turned out fantastic! Please say you will post pictures of your wedding dress. :crossed_fingers:

I will!

Beautiful work. Excellent job draping.

Lovely dress, and it looks like everyone had a great time! Best wishes with your wedding gown. Congratulations!

This is a beautiful dress! You did an amazing job. I love everything about it, the cut, color, design. I can’t wait to see what your wedding dress looks like!

Love how you constructed this dress. Absolutely beautiful!

Welcome to LC! Thank you for posting such a gorgeous dress. I mean, it’s fab. You look so happy and beautiful in it.

Can’t wait to see your dress. I made my wedding dress many years ago (with a LOT of help from my husband’s grandma) and it was a very simple pattern (probably easier than your dress here). I’m sure yours will be magical.