Wrapped Present Gift Card Holders


I got the chance to crank out 3 more gift card holders today! One each for TheMisterT’s aunt & her partner and my uncle.


There are some stamped sentiments inside where the gift card goes, including a little something that will be hidden until the card is removed.


My uncle has always been That Guy Who Wraps Gifts in Newspaper, the (color) Sunday Comics sometimes. So, when I was digging around in my xmas cardstock stash and found this xmas-specific news paper print I knew I had to make his with that! I know we won’t be able to be together this year, but I hope he “gets it” even without me there to say, “do you see what I did there?”

I used my Cricut Explore to cut the files which are from Lori Whitlock’s online store.


These are great! Awesome jump on the holidays.

And now I’m feeling behind! :laughing:

These kick butt! I love the newspaper paper for your newspaper wrapping uncle!

So pretty! They are very sweet.

Thanks, friends!