Wrong year?

There seems to be a bug.
New posts show as being posted in Feb 22 to me.
The date on other websites on my PC is correct.

Is it that its the 22 Feb today, and you read the day as year?


I think @skrutt might have the answer.

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@madebyBeaG Is there an apostrophe before the 22 (Feb '22)? That’s how the year dates are formatted for me, on my phone at least. Here’s one from last November.
Screenshot_20240222-102112_Samsung Internet

If there’s no apostrophe, I agree with skrutt that it’s probably just defaulting to the U.S. style of date formatting. Here’s one from my view of a post from the 18th of January of this year.
Screenshot_20240222-102243_Samsung Internet

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Oh my, it seems like I had a senior moment…
It must of course be month and day…