Yarn Bombing of Cows

I love yarn bombing especially “street yarn bombing”. I haven’t done much but I do when I think of something fun.


Oh, perfect! I hope more people follow your example because how can one NOT do something with “Cow Lane”?

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Ha! Awesome!

Teehee! Brilliant!

How delightful!

They’re great! I’m sure they will bring people a chuckle when they see them.


I’d never heard of yarnbombing, but after a quick look at Wikipedia, I love the idea.
Nifty moocow!

So stinking cute.

Moo-vahlous! ::hearts:: Go cows!

I’m hoping you keep the cow puns coming around the site, considering your screen name and all. :smile:

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I shall try my best to be amoosing.

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