Yarn bowl received as gift

I received this beautiful polished wood yarn bowl as a gift from my SIL. I have not had one before, so I am super excited to show it off. Can’t wait to make a cowl from the accompanying yarn.


gasp both the bowl and the handmade yarn are simply stunning.

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Aren’t they? They are both from Darn Good Yarn. The yarn is banana fiber with a little recycled gold strands mixed in.


I was going to ask if they were from DGY! I have a similar bowl and their sari yarns are gorgeous!

I also collect their skirts…


I had not heard of them before, but I have checked out the website. I’m intrigued by their yarn of the month box, but my stash is already overflowing it’s boxes. Decisions…:upside_down_face:

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The $99 box is the best value but @MistressJennie does the monthly box and has made some lovely items! The sari yarn is a bit scratchy for me so I use it mostly for art journal embellishments or some sort of mat…I have dreams of my skirts wearing out and repurposing them to make yarn…sigh it would be a lifetime task…lol


Yes! I do subscribe to their monthly yarn box, and I love it. The yarn quality is amazing, and their mission as a company is fantastic. According to my latest box received a few days ago, the ‘free gift’ this year will be an extra skein of the same yarn that month, meaning you’d get 2 skeins of (usually) silk yarn for $20. (I’ve received linen yarn twice I believe.) You can also ‘double’ your yarn any month, for $10 more, which I usually do, so I have a little more to play with.

There are a few other perks for shopping with them. #1, club members get reduced price shipping on ALL orders, both yarn of the month, and anything else you choose to buy outside of that. #2, is Karma Points. You get points for every dollar you spend, and you can choose to turn them in for various rewards like gift cards, mugs, yarn bowls, etc. I tend to let mine build up all year, and then around Black Friday, I shop the sales, and cash out my points. This year I picked up 17 skeins of silk yarn, and 4 cards of sari ribbons for jewelry making, which was $386 at regular price, and between sales and Karma points, I paid $50 for everything. And #3, when you put an item in your shopping cart, you’re shown 3 or 4 special offers, of something they sell at a dramatic sale price. Sometimes it’s yarn, sometimes it’s fleece lined socks or yarn bowls, or bead kits.

The banana fiber yarn is softer than you imagine it will be to work with. I have a few skeins put aside to weave into a table runner for our entry way this year. I agree with @AIMR that the sari yarn is a little scratchy to wear, but does work up interestingly in weavings and for things like tote bags. But the worsted weight silks are just to die for. They feel amazing on your skin as you crochet, and the finished items are soft but warm and sturdy.


Oh, it looks like they’re running an end of year special! Currently it’s $20 a month to sign up for the yarn subscription, but if you buy a year’s subscription now, it’s only $120, so $10 a month.

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Thanks, Jennie! It is always good to hear about a real life experience with these clubs!

I know I totally sound like I work for them, but I promise I’m just a highly satisfied customer. And I’ve loved making special items with their yarn. I did a beautiful silk shawl for @jemimah in the Use the Good Stuff Swap, and I’m hoping to make another of that same pattern for another friend soon with some of the sale skeins I picked up at Thanksgiving.

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I have been happy with them as well.

You vixen! You have mentioned this to me before, I know, but I have always managed to talk myself out of it… responsible adult blah blah don’t grow the stash blah … but tonight I couldnt resist your yarny temptations and now may I introduce myself, the newest subscriber. lol

You win this time, Gadget…

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lol I signed up as well…she is a great endorser…I trust her opinion and I think it will go with my word for 2021…Selective!

ooh, good word!

The silk shawl you made for me is so gorgeous! I just love it - I wish you could get these yarns here easily!

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There is also a Facebook group, for fans (yes AIMR, like the skirt group) and there is often a steady stream of trades going on there. Folks who loved one of the months yarns, and want more, and are willing to trade other month’s selection for it.

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Very nice!
My husband makes the most beautiful wood yarn bowls. He is at PrewittWoods over on FaceBook for anyone interested.


These bowls are so pretty. Have you used it much? How’s it working out for you?
I yank yarn hard enough to send them flying. I found a lovely ceramic bowl at a thrift shop for a few dollars but ended up giving it away so I wouldn’t break it with my apparently far-too-vigorous crocheting. Maybe I could add some weights to the bottom of a wooden bowl & try again, hmm…

Yes, I’ve used it. It works well for me. The yarn slid nicely through the opening.

A good yarn bowl has a thick, heavy bottom.