Yarn crafts are not my forte

But I still try.

My February SAD buster. I love this blanket. It is eleventy million balls of Lion Thick and Quick in Marble, Abalone and Charcoal. Made up in single crochet back loop only then bordered with single crochet.And not nearly as wiggly edged as it appears in this pic. It weighs a tonne.

And like all crochet around here. The cats love it. They knead yarn like anything.


I like this! looks super cozy!!


I love the colors and I love that the stripes are randomly spaced! Looks comfy!


I love the yarns you used, and it does look super-cozy. Your cats have the right idea.

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It looks so cuddly!

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That looks great! Ambitious & conquered, nice work.

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I love the colorway and how cozy and comforting it looks!


Mmmm, looks very cuddly!

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I love a good yarn-eater! Looks great!

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Looks super snuggly, and the blanket looks cozy too. :wink:

What a beautiful soft treasure for the cats. I hope they share with you. Phew! All that single crochet!

:heartpulse: Oh boy, OH BOY! Your wonderful craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! WOOHOO! :heart_hands: