Yarn Yo-Yo Championship -- Participation Merit Badge!

I’m putting this merit badge in misc because there’s both embroidery and cross-stitch.

I made this for my partner in the TM/Adult Merit Badge swap. I mashed up her cat and yarn theme for this super funny badge. I mean, seriously, can yarn even yo-yo?

Every single time I think of this, and the participant ribbon, I crack up!

I’ve attached the yarn yo-yo embroidered part to the participant ribbon with velcro so my partner could choose to keep it attached or unattach if preferred.

I used iron on adhesive to layer to pieces of the paw print fabric, then iron on adhesive to attach the participant part. I created the cross stitch letter pattern myself by drawing it out and trying to keep them as all as close in height and width as possible.

I decided to send along a safety pin for attachment purposes, and a bit of extra velcro in case it did not make the journey well enough.

I imagine there’d be a lot of participation ribbons in the yarn yo-yo championships.


HILARIOUS and adorable!

I think with yarn, it just yoes. :crazy_face:



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This is so clever and cute. I love that you made the “ribbon” part detachable.

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This is so much fun!

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Congrats! Your Yarn Yo-Yo Championship Merit Badge is one of this week’s featured projects. You are awesome.

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You had me at a cat image. LOL! Too cute.

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This really made me smile…so cute and clever…and actually, YO is a knit term meaning yarn over, so I got a kick out of the play on words as well…fun project!


I never even thought on the play on words with YO… you’re right!