Yellow Stars Beaded Bracelet

Found a nice video that taught me how to make these stars.

Made a slight variation to try to make them look like Mario stars.

that was my first thought from the thumbnail pic-Mario Stars!
Thanks for the link to the tutorial!


This is so fun and nerdy! Ditto on the tutorial, this sounds like a fun challenge to take on.

That looks exactly like Mario stars. Great adaptation!!

Super cute! I am mesmerized by the beading you do.

Utterly adorable!

That’s so fun!

Those are super cute!

Cute! I love your Mario star adaptation!

Cool! I love it! I love Mario. Great idea to make them Mario stars.

Such a sweet bracelet!
Did you make more?

Thank you :slight_smile:
I did make another one in turquoise and red, but I’m not sure I finished it.