Yet More Swap Ornaments

Here are a couple more ornaments made for the recent Ongoing Ornament Swap. Both were made for @Lothruin.

First, for her llama theme:

It is wool felt with loops of chenille yarn. And a few sequins and Pom poms.

Next, for her “thrifted/2nd hand materials” theme:

I’m proud to say that 99% of the materials were thrifted or second-hand. (Only exception was the hot glue.)
The base is a little baking tin. I cut some of it off to make it a bit smaller. Then drilled 3 holes in it and added the hanger and the dangling little bells.

Then added the bottle brush trees and the plastic foliage (from a tacky vintage candle ring.) I think the leaping deer was meant to go in a corsage or flower arrangement; it had a pipe cleaner stuck to it, which I put through a hole I drilled in the back. A sequin hides the attachment point.

Added the edge trimmings last. The “Merry Christmas” message is leather or vinyl “ribbon” I found at a garage sale.

I may need to make another leaping deer ornament for myself. I especially liked how that one turned out, with its vintage-kitschy vibe.

This swap was a blast!


You totally knocked it out of the park with Lothruin’s ornaments! They’re top notch!


You’re an ornament making machine!

P.S. I still treasure my elf-in-a-tin ornament I received from you in the Sweat Shoppe swap a couple of years back. It reminds me a lot of your second ornament in this post!


The little baking tin is the coolest! Love the vintage feel

And the loops on the llamas fur are perfect! Only made cuter by the little Pom Pom accents

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Yes, it’s basically a variation on the elf ones!


Those are both phenomenal! I love the llama one best, but I’m a bit partial to llamas. :slight_smile:


Eeep! Those are wonderful and I love the vintage feel of them.

That llama is adorable and so well done! I’m impressed that your thrifted ornament was completely made out of thrifted materials!

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These are all so cute but that llama, my goodness. The loopy loops!

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Made this one for me!

The base of this one is a vintage cookie cutter.
The packages under the bottle brush tree are actually a holiday earring from the 1980’s.