Yeti in Flowers Hankie

I decided that @MightyMitochondria needed a little yeti hankie to go with her miniatures, cause…crafting!

I included her name on the other side, just in case this yeti gets lost and needs to find its way home. Someone mentioned to me that it looks like they are getting ready to sneeze, which is perfect since it is a hankie.


That’s a unique cute hankie!

Really, though, don’t we ALL need a little Yeti in flowers? So adorable! Lucky MightyMito!

Aww, the yeti is such a cutie!


Omg this is just too cute!!

How fun! I love how delicate your stitching looks on the handkerchief.

Too cute and the Yeti does look like its preparing to sneeze!

The perfect combination of pretty, funny, and practical!

I absolutely ADORE my new hankie. This kind of quirkiness fits me perfectly. Also, my sister-in-law’s nickname is Yeti. She is going to be so jealous. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Thank you, @kittykill!

p.s. She also stitched my name on it!!!


What a personal and beautiful extra!

How fun is that little guy!

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So cute!

Love everything about this!

Oh he is just adorable!! :heart_eyes:

This is super cute!

I’m a big Yeti fan (I have a cat named Yeti) so this is right up my alley. I’m obsessed with how cute it is. I love this so much! I need to try to make something like this in a hoop. It’s fantatic!

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Congratulations, this is one of this week’s featured projects!


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super cute. love how its customized. :heart_eyes: