Yo, you dino loving knitters!

Awesome, amazing, incredible Dinosaur Sweater
There are 3 free patterns, so frikken awesome!

And then these super cute half mitts!

No link to those, sadly, but wow so cool.


Dragon mitts! (If anyone tracks down a pattern for those, I want it!)

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I looked, those images are from an Etsy seller, for the mitts but not the pattern.

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Hm, they seem pretty simple I can figure out a crochet pattern just looking at them. They are only fingerless gloves with added triangles. I mean, the cables & flo/blo cuff are a bit extra but not too much.

@Kwality570 You have to make that sweater in an adult size!

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That would be awesome! I can put that on my bucket list!


I have seen that sweater before! Toadiscrafty wanted one SOOO BADLY when he was just a tadpole.

@Kwality570 I second @gozer’s motion! DOOOO EEEEEET!

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