"Your Happy Place Is Paved With Raisins" Multimedia Card

I wanted to send some mail to my friend so I made this card. I don’t really like the usual mixed media quotes or words unless it’s weird, a single word I like, or a joke so… lol.
My “landlord” ( She’s barely my landlord. Technically we’re roomies but she lives in a different place and we only pay half of the mortgage. Lol. She’s amazing) is a bit older and she gets a TON of catalogues and magazines and stuff that dont get forwarded to her that she doesn’t want so I’ve been using as much of it as possible for collage and mixed media stuff.



I probably should have put the letter on a semi-opaque paper… but oh well.


Quote on the back: “Feeling social? No. Life will never be normal. LOL. JK.”

I use a lot of methods grom LoriMarieJenkins on youtube. She’s my favorite. I do the “underpants” method where I collage a ton of book page pieces and whatnot on the paper, then keep adding layers. I’m very new to this medium but I think I got the hang of it.

Thanks for looking!


This is awesome! I love the weirdness and the colour and texture of it!!

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Super fun. Love the top hat on the lizard. There’s so much to look at!

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Amazing! I love the weirdness.

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These are both so off-the-wall cool!!!

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VERY cool! Your technique and colors and choice of words…I admire it all!

I look forward to seeing more!

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I love the inside and I’m going to check out the artist!

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That is so great. I’m sure she’s going to love how you transformed her unwanted mail into this work of fun art.

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So freaking awesome!!! You’ve been slaying the crafts!

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Definitely do. She’s a cute lady. Nice to listen to. Soothing. I learned most of what I know from her.

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Aaw thanks, dude!