Zelda and Night Elf Plush Dolls (lots o pics)

More plush dolls made with minky. I’m actually getting pretty good at sewing minky.

Night elf from World of Warcraft. All the images I found were of scantily clad elves so I made a war bikini for her.

She took so dang long to make. She had a cape but I had a mishap with snaps and also it wasn’t quite the right shape for her.

Here is Princess Zelda from Breath of the Wild in her ceremonial dress.

Both dolls were made using patterns by Choly Knight on Etsy. I combined the free human pattern with parts of the chibi human pattern because the chibi one is too hard for me. I also bought the embroidery designs from her. Thanks for looking!


Sewing minky is such a pain for me, but you make it look effortless and beautiful!!

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Wow! These must have taken so much time, but they both look amazingly detailed!

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What fun. And with minky as well! Amazing. I love the way the characters have so much personality.

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Super cool and cute! I love all their accessories.

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