Zippered pouch with tabs

Edit: I made a second for me.

Little pouch for a friend who loves grey and who I going away next week for a few weeks.

I make a lot of pouches, but I think I’m finally getting better. The tabs on the zip were an opportunity for a little pop of colour. And the inside has a bit more colour

I was lucky enough to be in @MistressJennie house two summers ago, and @AIMR came to visit. (Just that statement will have loads of you green with envy I know-how lucky am I?)

AIMR brought me this fabulous fabric, flamingos and Charlie Harper. I love it so so much. I’ve used a bit to edge some flamingo pillowcases. But I want a pouch for me for work stuff. So in the spirit of “use the good fabric” @Magpie (thanks for keeping reminding us) I made this. I added a little welt pocket inside, with more funky fabric. The purple swirls are from an old skirt and the red is from a previous craft swap


It’s very pretty, and I love the subtle pops of color. Your friend should enjoy this.

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Beautiful! Great mix of fabrics and the tabs really add to it too.

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I love the contrasting stripe!

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I remember that fabric! Took me a bit to hunt it down but I really wanted the flamingos from the collection for you!

So glad you are using it for yourself…

I also like the one you made for your friend…you definitely are taking the project a day to new levels!

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Oooh, I love the flamingo pouch too! Yay for using the good stuff :two_hearts:

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I love that Charlie Harper fabric! Nice job! Zippy pouches are the best.

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These are beautiful! I’m glad you made something fun and fabulous for yourself with such a special fabric.

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Yaaaas grrl! How do I heart this more than once? I love all the things about it. And welt pocket, ooh la la look at you go!

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Fabulous fabrics, nicely made pouches!

These are so fun! You have a talent for choosing fabric combinations.

Both are lovely. Great fabric choices!

Your zippered pouches look great! I really dig the fabric you used for the pouch you made for yourself :slight_smile:

You can never have enough zippered pouches. I like the color choices you made and I am glad to see you made on for yourself!

I love the gray fabric and the color choice for the interior. The flamingo bag is fab!

Both bags look so awesome, the flamingo fabric is amazing, and of course we’re all envy at you being able to visit her!

This was the perfect place to use the good fabric. You said it - so now you have to DO IT.

and Charley Harper is glorious. good on you. :metal:

These are my favorite kind of pouches-so versatile!