Zodiac Knitting - Libra Mitts

Finished the Libra Mitts in the Toshology Zodiac kit patterns…I used the same yarn as I used in the Leo Hat to make a matching set. I made them a bit shorter than the pattern because I wasn’t sure I would have enough yarn. I also scaled back the needle size since the first mitt I made (and frogged!) was too large.

The set:

Not sure which one I will do next…spring is here and knitting will be taking a back door to other projects.


Those look great alongside the hat! I’m curious to see what the other zodiac signs look like, too.

Beautiful colors and love the cable pattern.

This is a beautiful set! I’m glad your yarn held out.

Thanks everyone for your supportive and encouraging words…I am a bit sad that I have moved to a warmer climate and most of my knitted goods will go to others. But, I am always happy to knit for others so I will continue to go through my stash as long as I can!

Knitting is way easier on my hands than crochet anyway, although I love both!

Keep a few things; there can be cold snaps even in warm-weather places!

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They turned out great! It’s so satisfying when there is juuuuust enough yarn to finish. Even though you technically haven’t done anything to make that happen, it still feels like an accomplishment :smile:.

I’m sorry you aren’t able to keep & use more of your knit wear, I think making for self is so important. You certainly know enough people who would be willing to swap though. Yarn vs sewist swaps are terrific :wink:

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You do such beautiful knitting and such fun projects.

I have a good knitting group that is helping me choose lighter yarns and making lacier items for hotter weather wear! I am keeping lightweight shawls (most places are over cool in summer inside!) and finding other items to knit for myself…we are adaptive people, we crafting types, right? :slight_smile:

I love the idea of summer shawls. Perfect for night time romance walks in the beach.

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Very cute little set!

Beautiful! The idea of a zodiac series of patterns sounds like fun too!