Zodiac Swap Anyone?


Would anyone be interested in a Zodiac swap? I can’t remember every having one before, and I think it would be really cool!
:ophiuchus: :aries: :taurus: :gemini: :cancer: :leo: :virgo: :libra: :scorpius: :sagittarius: :capricorn: :aquarius: :pisces:

If your interested let me know what size of swap you would like and what time frame works best.

:ophiuchus: :aries: :taurus: :gemini: :cancer: :leo: :virgo: :libra: :scorpius: :sagittarius: :capricorn: :aquarius: :pisces:

Interested! I am really liking the one medium or 2 smalls swap size. It feels so manageable and if I sneak in an extra small I feel like an overachiever!

I am feeling like I need a little breathing room swap-wise…maybe later in May? Summer?

I hope others chime in!

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I’d be into it if it was in May.

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Wow. I really thought we had more Zodiac people here. Hopefully, we will get more people when I open the swap. I think I will aim for mid to late May for sign-ups.

I’d be interested in late may

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I love my zodiac! I am the year of the Rabbit which in the Chinese zodiac, is this year! :blush: so there’s an idea for anyone interested in participating.

I’d be interested in joining, but will depend on sign ups and due by date. Surgery this month and a recovery of about 6 weeks. So I’m not really planning on anything i have to think about to hard. lol ATC’s and small stuff is about my speed during that time period, i think. I’ve decided one swap a month, plus the ATC SWAP for awhile.

Sorry so chatty! :joy: I just woke up and apparently my auto pilot for my brain has kicked in! lol

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I was thinking of starting this soon. Any preference for size?
1 small? or 1 medium or 2 smalls? How is everyone feeling time-wise?

Ooof…I’m feeling like the next month is going to be tough for me to fit in extra crafting. I could maybe swing a small…

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If anyone is interested

I can’t find it.

There wasn’t enough interest, so I canceled it. I might try again later. :face_with_peeking_eye: