Zombie Dentition Specimens from the Famed Standpipe Collection

While combing through the contents of an abandoned storage unit, our researchers came upon a dusty crate belonging to one Mrs. Eugenia Standpipe, wife of the legendary necromancer Benson Standpipe (of the Portland Standpipes). Housed within was a portion of the famous Standpipe Collection of Zombie Dentition Specimens, once thought lost in the tragic ship wreck that claimed Benson & Eugenia’s lives, and are now available for public viewing

Each specimen comes labeled by Mrs. Standpipe with information about the original donor and the date harvested. Most are full sets including both upper and lower plates. Single plates - either upper or lower - are found already dismembered. All are tagged by our in-house restoration department (as shown). If known, the specimen’s original name, date of acquisition are included on a label as well.

Each specimen is unique; all specimens were originally collected according to the ethical guidelines of the era; all zombies were killed and beheaded prior to collection (as applicable) & their remains disposed of according to safety standards of the day (i.e. mass pyre).


I spent time each day over the last week and a half creating, styling, photographing, editing, etc. 13 new Zombie Dentition Specimens. Hoo boy, it’s a good thing we’re all stocked up on disinfectants and sanitizing supplies due to the other global pandemic! Today I finally finished, so here is one shot of each + maybe more if the specimen is deemed worthy. :smirk:

These are all dental impression molds that would have otherwise been thrown away. I do some sanding/grinding on the bases, priming, painting/glazing/staining/varnishing, labeling, accessorizing, to “zombify” them. It’s a great bit of giggly gross fun!
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When I saw the title, I knew this had to be you. It’s bloody brilliant, both title and execution


These are so gruesome cool! And the staging is :kiss: chef’s kiss

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Those are very realistic, and very well-embellished! Where in the world do you get dental impression molds?!?! eBay? And yes, the staging is impressive.

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Thanks so much, friends!

@endymion One of the best bits of using actual dental impressions is that they are from real zombies! Er, people! :rofl: :rofl: I usually get them from friends who work in dental offices, but I had a client take on collecting them as a project and she has mailed me a couple dozen! Not all of them appropriate material, but still. I think you can also buy kits online for making your own.


Wooooaaah. Dude, these are insanely cool! I love faux specimen pieces! You did an amazing job!

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Eeeep!! So realistic!

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the best part is I can’t tell if you’re serious or not!

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Aww thanks, y’all!

The “Benson Standpipe” is real! Running up through what used to be the main stairwell of a fancy downtown Portland hotel, the Benson Hotel, is a large pipe on which is written “Benson Standpipe.” The hotel predates common elevator use so the stairwell was quite well turned out: marble steps & wainscot, ornate railings, etc. But since the elevators were added, the stair well has become more utilitarian and seems a bit forlorn. Much like these poor specimens. Sigh


I love the staging of these. Absolutely stunning and the tale… Perfection. This made my day. Beautiful work.

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Your imagination is top notch! I love these, and the story and the staging! Magnifique!

These are so spooky and rad!

This is so gross and cool.

Thank you, everyone!

Thanks! I have so much fun staging them! This was the first time I’ve had more than a handful to photograph at once and it really stretched my creativity AND my prop selection.

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