Zoom Class Teacher Sign Up

hmm, a new toy…er, tool!


This is all helpful, folks. Thanks for the hand-holding!

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I’m looking at floor stand phone/camera/tablet holders to avoid table-shake from having the recording device on the same surface I’m working on. I have a floor stand ring light & an optional mike that has better sound quality than other devices but that took some technical finagling by my lovely support team, it was all over my head, lol.


It’s totally okay to discuss the nuts and bolts of how to possibly teach a class here in this thread. I’m sure lots of folks have questions, and seeing what others have suggested or have talked about can be of help.

If any of you are curious about what is needed to teach an LC class besides Zoom, feel free to ask here too!



However, I suggested the PM prior to her explanation. She clarified why she kept it in the chat and then - realizing now it was ON topic - I clarified what my thought HAD been. Just as she did. Oddly, it was to make sure nobody thought I was trying to keep information from them! Because from the new perspective it made sense to talk here. So, I redirected to others for having more experience.

I didn’t know I would get called out for trying to be respectful of others.

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You’re not being called out at all. Since @kittykill & I are heading up the LC Classes venture together, I just thought I’d lend reassurance that it’s totally okay to chat here. :slightly_smiling_face:

I ordered an okiocam s on ebay for about $45 (prices vary a lot. There’s a cheaper one on auction, but the seller has NO rating, not even for buying stuff, so might not be legit.)

It will be fun to experiment with the new TOOL.

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