12 Days of Christmas 2022 Gallery

Original Swap Thread

Post your swap packages here!

Participant Partner Date Sent Recieved
geekgirl Geekybookworm
Lynx2Lancer photojenn 11/18/22 11/21/22
Momiemae bunny1
Geekybookworm geekgirl 11/23/22
photojenn Lynx2Lancer 11/18/22 11/21/22
fluffypants mel
mel fluffypants
bunny1 momiemae 10/28/22 11/2
Edel Seeuudee 9/24/22 9/28/22
Seeuudee Edel

Thank you to @Edel, and her speedy posting of her box of goodies, I had a couple of little somethings extra to open. I had not made a decision on when to open them, but had a rather trying day yesterday, so decided to open one up.

And so pleased I did, this looks like a fantastic read and I have only read the introduction so far :smiley:

Thank you Edel, I am looking forward to reading it :kissing_heart:


That looks so cool, does the thread weave through the book as well??

Only inside the front and back covers :smiley:

We put up Christmas decorations today, so my gorgeously wrapped pressies from @photojenn can now live under the tree.


My haul from @GeekyBookworm !
Love the polka dot paper!


Every time I’d walk by and look at them, I’d tell @geekybookworm how pretty they are and ask if they were for me, but alas…no…I do know there are lots of good things wrapped up so nice and pretty!

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All of my goodies from Mel have made it under the tree! :heart: