2 Ingredient Pretzels

These guys aren’t very pretty but they are really good and there are only 2 ingredients!

You use 1:1 self rising flour and Greek yogurt (so one cup flour to one cup yogurt). I have used this dough to make pizzas, cinnamon rolls, cheddar biscuits and of course pretzels.

You simply mix the flour with the yogurt and knead it into a ball. Then use the dough however you like. Bake at 350 for 10-15 minutes (it may talk longer depending on what you bake). I brushed the pretzels with melted butter and salt. Some I brushed with everything bagel seasoning.


No. WAY! I have some full fat yogurt in the fridge, maybe I’ll drain it a bit and try this magical sounding recipe. How cool!

It taste a little like sour dough bread. I like it. I haven’t made it with regular yogurt only fat free Greek but I’m guessing that it will work with any type of yogurt. My husband actually prefers this dough for pizzas instead of regular dough.

Greek yog is just regular with the whey drained off to get it a bit thicker. I think the more watery nature of regular yog might affect the bakeability but I’ll try both and see what happens. My kids are gonna love this experiment!

Awesome! Let me know the outcome! I know people make baked bagels with it too. The cheddar biscuits were so good.

Just stop it. This is amazing!

BRB; gotta see whether I can get self-rising flour in my Walmart order this week.

Must put yogurt on list and try this scrumptiousness.

These look delicious! I’ve had mixed results with this dough but I may need to give it another go for these!

I saw this recipe on pinterst not too long ago, it looks interesting, i’d love to try it as a pizza dough!

I’m curious did you do a baking soda bath with the dough intended for pretzels?

Nope. I just baked them. Easy peasy!

Here is a pizza I made with the dough


I actually make thin crust pizzas using this method all of the time. In fact, if I have yogurt about to expire, I’ll whip up a bunch, par-bake the crusts by only cooking them on one side and throw them into the freezer. I bought the regular yogurt instead of Greek once by mistake and used it anyway. It was just as good and seemed less sticky to roll out. Despite this, I still buy the Greek since I’m a creature of habit. :slight_smile:

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@megwell I never use self-rising flour. I just use regular flour, 1/2 tsp of salt, and 1 1/2 tsp baking powder. It works the same and I’ve never had an issue with the recipe.

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Oh, thanks for that! I can’t get flour right now, regular is what’s in the pantry.
FYI Greek yogurt is pretty awful for the environment, if you can sub in regular I say do it!

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Thank you! I had no idea about the Greek vs regular and the environmental issue.

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Thanks for sharing that. Is that 1 cup flour?

Ah, Google says yes.