Second Quarter Featured Projects

We have had so many amazing recipes posted in the last few months! One good thing to come out of having to stay home is everyone is cooking and baking up a storm! It was hard to narrow it down but here are the Second Quarter Featured Food and Drinks!

Potato Pancakes by @bethntim

Emergency Chocolate by @Magpie

2 Ingredient Pretzels by @kittykill

Deviled Eggs with Bacon by @geekgirl

Ribbon Jell-O by @wittychild

Thank you all for sharing all of your delicious things with us! Please keep on cooking!


This has DEFINITELY been my favorite part of staying home! My scale disagrees though…
I haven’t tried on my work pants since March, they may need some altering…

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So much good food! Thanks for featuring me!


Ooh, thank you for the feature - there are some amazing dishes here!

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I am drooling now and it is lunchtime. Gonna go eat!

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Awesome collection of YUM!


Delicious collection!! Thank you so much!