2020 DeStash-Along

I managed to destash a little bit more in June, but it’s for a swap and she hasn’t received yet, so I’ll have to wait to post. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have not done well following the monthly challenges! But hm, what have I had the longest… I need to look through and see! My favorite thing I’ve made… well, I’m happy with the baby blankets I made earlier in the year and I’m pretty pleased with how my one swap item turned out (to be revealed later). I feel like they were good uses of stash materials. There is something satisfying about working from stash; I think it forces us to be even more creative.

Another all-stash bottle brush tree project! This one for Halloween! Some of the “balls” on the tree have been in my stash since the early 2000s. The rest of the parts gathered over the last 4-5 years. Feels so good to get this kitty completed! (mug was thrifted, even)


I’m back! My sewing machine broke 4 weeks ago and took forever for it to be fixed. I finally got it back on Saturday! Here’s my latest creation in progress


I found thisdish cloth embroidery kit. “A Progress Creation” product in my stash when reorganizing. Best I can find in a quick online search is it was a company last mid-century that make these kits. Who knows when and how I ended up with it. I certainly did not purchase this.

I don’t really like hand sewing or embroidery, but I love the results. See how bored I was? Just stem stitch to finish on the Cloves. I have Mustard, Paprika, and Pepper to go. Wheee.



That looks like such a happy project! :slight_smile:

I went way out of my comfort zone and did a patternless legging to tank top transformation!

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August Themes

Peruvian Yarn by iandoh, on Flickr

Color: Purple
Pattern: Argyle
For: Pets and other animals
Challenge: Nice pinterest board you have there! Make something inspired by a pin. Share the pin too so we can “ooh and ah” properly.


Scrap yarn crochet catnip balls…stuffed and unstuffed. Fun with left over yarn bits.


Used all stash except for exterior all-material adhesive! And I did refer to a couple of my pinterest boards to make it! I suppose it might be used for some pets… more like feral creatures, methinks! :grimacing:

This little fairy door-turned-fairy porch has it’s own thread and is a birthday gift.


FUN!! What a special gift!

I’ve been wanting to put a fairy door in the guest bathroom, but with the virus going on there are no guests. A project that will have to wait!


Very cute! I was I had a tree closer to the street to put up something like this for all of the walkers…what a cute little fairy porch…so much detail and love the little rope ladder!

Thanks y’all!

Omg this is adorable!

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Well, you could start building it now, even if no one will see it i a while.

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POW! I made over 30 faux postage stamp embellishments from stash!

Just a few:

I also filled a friend’s request for 7 masks using all stash. She had her own elastic, so that stash was untouched. :smirk:


The faux stamps are really cool! What size are they? Nice that you didn’t have to cut into your elastic stash. :smiley:

Thanks! They vary quite a bit in size and those in that photo are on a self-healing mat with a 1" grid for reference. Most of the pics in their thread are taken on a self-healing mat, too!

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Look at you using easy gauges for size reference. I didn’t even pay attention to what was behind them! :laughing:

:upside_down_face: I don’t think most people expect a black/grey self-healing mat, either!

I will say that the dies cut some awkward sized stamps shapes. There is a perforated line just under the edge of most of those images so to cover it you need to be kind of exact and I end up cutting to 1/16th of an inch on some.

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TheMisterT asked for a repair or replacement of his water purifying pump and I was able to build a new one using all stash and parts from the original! WOO!