2020 DeStash-Along

How about:
an accumulation of inspiration
a pile of possibilities
a portal of potential
a necessary of needed notions


I think I’ll stick with Stash. Collection is nice, but it has the connotation of something decorative rather than a resource. Stashes may be hidden, or guilty pleasures, but they get used, which is my primary goal.


I am in love with every one of Harlan’s suggestions.

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I don’t care what you call it…it’s mine! And I ain’t giving it up. Except for swaps, crafts, gifts, etc…


A bit of a back story on using up yarn in my stash collection…

When @sweets4ever had her first baby boy, I made him a crocheted afghan. I had a two skeins left over and just put them away. A few years later, I crocheted a blanket using that yarn and some solids…I got about halfway done and hated it…and again, put it away…

Finally, I decided that I wanted to just use it up…I had a need for a blanket when I watched tv in my room…hubby likes the house to be cold with the AC and I hate it! I already plugged up all the vents, but still got cold…so here is my chair blanket made from stash!

It is about 4x6 feet.

Closeup of the yarn…I used @geekgirl’s pattern of alternating one double and one single…nice and thick but took forever!!

Total yarn used up was 4 very large skeins. YAY!


I came across a pattern the other day that actually had a name for that. It’s the seed stitch.

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good to know, but it will always be geekgirl stitch to me! lol

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I’ve been destashing for about 30 years now. Must be doing something wrong!! :blush:


Hehe! Sometimes I call my stash, “my craft hoard”! Whatever we need to call it to keep us making, right?


I am donating a bunch of yarn to a neighbor who is learning to make hats on a loom. She makes them for the homeless people in our area. I realized that I was making things based on my erratic purchases of yarn instead of making things I want and getting the yarn for a specific project!

Most of the yarn is acrylic yarn I bought to make afghans…I have about sixteen afghans and don’t need another!


I’m in the same state with my yarn stash. I have all kinds of weird odds and ends. How perfect that your neighbor can use it!

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I always knit and crochet things for our church’s craft fair, but have been spending my free time making masks for hospital workers and daycare kids. So my yarn stash is languishing and my fabric stash is shrinking…sort of. I just bought fabric for mask li kings and a baby quilt. Sort of a one for one trade.