2020 Nutcracker Along! ANY media, ANY theme, ANY size!

That is so so So cool!


Scrolling down through this thread again is getting me excited to get back into mine! I think other projects and responsibilities along with thinking I may have to take a saw to my snowman has made it too easy to set aside.

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This morning I gathered a bunch of crap items from various hoards to get to work on my nutcracker. My brain is flowing with ideas and starting points!

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My little craft heart realllllly wants to sew, BUT my nutcracker is countdown dude so I GOTTA work on him. To get my nutcracker vibe going I started with this garland!


I found a floral pick that I thought could be reconned into an appropriately scaled garland. I used floral wire from stash and all the “lights” and ornaments are from stash. YEY!


Oh oh oh! I had the luxury of playing with my nutcracker (TWSS) most of the day! So I also finished disassembling my blank and also did a little alteration. WOO.

You know, now I wish I’d used the numbers to count down how many days until Christmas, but I just put 47 because it seemed kind of funny to me. But 42 would’ve been the Answer to Life, The Universe, And Everything. D’oh!

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I’ve been lucky to have quite a bit of Nutcracker Time over the last few days and while keeping most things under wraps-ish, I will share that I modified & painted my blank’s carrot nose today!

I also got to bring out one of my favorite tools to cut a few paper circles for another piece of nutcrackery!


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I am starting to work on some nutcracker goodness. I’m super excited about it.


A sneak peek before I start adding color!


Oooooo! I’m excited to see these come to life! Not literally, of course. :grin:

I couldn’t help myself. Went to Michael’s today and saw this cute little mouse! Going to fancy him up and add him to my collection.


I couldn’t get mine separated and broke the poor guy.

We’ve decided to reevaluate our commitment to each other and the project.


OH NO, @JoyfulClover !!! I hope you two find a way to make this relationship work!

@ErinAquaheart That’s a cutie! Can’t wait to see how you transform it!

I came upon this printed cardstock in my stash today! MUTTcrackers!


And I also got my number cubes stained and painted!

Annnnnd I got sooooo much done over this weekend! I feel sooooo close, but I seem to be hitting a lot of do-a-thing-wait-3-hours-for drying stages lately.


@TheMistressT I understand playing the crafty waiting game! Also that paper is too cute

@JoyfulClover I hope that the damage isn’t beyond repair!

I’ve gone nutcracker mad! I bought these two today to paint with my partner. She’s going to do the snowman.


Thanks @ErinAquaheart. I just need to lop the hat off with the recip saw before I do any further damage to the head. I had no idea the glue was THAT strong, or the wood was THAT soft. We’ll see.

If not, I’ll just watch y’all make fun things!

@JoyfulClover I used a keyhole saw to cut the hat off of mine! It took more time than a power saw would have, for sure, but it also was very clean and required hardly any sanding. In fact, I think it mostly cut the glue rather than the wood! I think the blade was even not a wood blade - very fine teeth.

@ErinAquaheart YEY! Your own personal Nutcracker Along! I am so charmed by that snowman’s pipe and broom - just so classic and like a kid would draw!

Ah! I should have asked how you got yours off. I assumed it popped off with relative ease. His noodle is all messed up. A saw would have been a much better route than trying to muscle it off.

I tried and tried to muscle it off and pry it off by tapping a putty knife and then a painters tool into the join, but finally resorted to the saw. I then cut his head at an angle with a hand saw in a miter box and messed up his head a little bit… I ended up using wood filler a few times on this beast!

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Oh, now I’m totally creeped out. Mine is partly painted and looks awful. He’s been glaring at me reproachfully for weeks. I may need to lock him up so he doesn’t come for me in the night.