2020 Nutcracker Along! ANY media, ANY theme, ANY size!


Let’s all get crackin’ on some nutcracker crafts! Any medium is welcome in any theme and in any size from tiny miniature to larger-than-life!

WHAT: Well, nutcrackers, of course! So long as you follow LettuceCraft site standards, ANY NUTCRACKER WILL DO!

WHEN: Right now through the end of December! Join any time!

WHERE: Post your progress shots, questions, comments, praise, resources etc. here. When you’re done post your project in its own topic in the appropriate board/category and put a pic and link in this thread.

WHY: Because we like you! Also, because last winter I made that Krampus nutcracker in the photo and the idea for a Nutcracker Along this year was suggested. Then I saw that Michael’s has their unfinished nutcrackers available for sale now, so… YEAH!


  • You can get an unfinished wooden nutcracker at a variety of places online or in stores. Michael’s has a few different models this year in the 14" and one even bigger. A quick internet search yielded a few other sources for various 14" models and several sources for smaller models, often in sets.

  • You can recon a “finished” nutcracker you have on hand or find at a thrift store,yard sale, or online source.

  • You can build one from scratch in ANY medium! And it doesn’t have to be a “sculpture,” either! How about a quilt? Or a laser cut? Maybe paper! Or yarn! Even embroidery! Beads! Metal! Ceramic! Stained glass, anyone? A nutcracker outfit for your pet? YOU BET!

  • You can go with The Nutcracker Suite ballet AND you can go any other direction you want! The only limit is your imagination! And physics. Always physics.

WHO: Any LettuceCraft member!

I have started a Pinterest pinboard just for the 2020 Nutcracker Along! It’s chock full of inspiration and ideas all in a tangled nutball of images. If you send me your pinterest ID I can add you to the contributors for the board, so we can all share ideas, resources, inspirations, etc. (This is not required) Because of the order of my searches, most of the actual nutcracker nutcrackers in the pinboard are near the bottom at the moment.

DO NOT feel obligated to stick to the traditional soldier or drummer, even though a good majority of the images I found in my searches are those. I, for one, plan to go off into the outer regions of sanity with my snowman-style blank. :upside_down_face:


OHHH! Do I dare attempt this? It is so cool! Off to find blank nutcrackers!


I checked my Micheals and they only had one of the countdown nutcracker left but it was broken. I’m going to check back later. I’m sure they will get more…

Awesome idea for a Craftalong!

Also, the blank nutcracker in your photos is giving me a Willy Wonka vibe.

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@kittykill DO EEEET!

@gozer Oh, bummer! Hopefully they’ll get more soon/Luckily we have LOTS of time! Mine arrived broken, too. The stick thing it’s holding. I can use it, since I was planning on removing that anyway, but I didn’t think I should pay full price for a broken one. So I called and they’re sending another. Sigh.

@MistressJennie Ha! Dangerous candy served here!

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I’m not sure that I’ll actually do the project, but I’m calling dibs on the “Lord of Misrule”. He seems like my kind of guy, and would make a great nutcracker.


I have started on this one while I await the replacement which I will harvest for parts! Mwaahahohoho!


I picked up a blank! We’ll see what happens!

I feel like I missed something awesome! Maybe it’s on the Pin board? Because color me intrigued!

I googlied and it was just as good as I suspected! Ha! Good stuff!


I feel like this is an opportunity for a deep discount! Esp if you are going to mod him anyway!

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I have since more thoroughly dismembered my snowcracker and think I have come up with the broader plan for its remaking! I will only get so far until my “replacement” arrives since I’ll but parting that one out. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I was working on where to get a blank nutcracker. I want something small, and I’m cheap on this sort of thing. Could I make one from what I have on hand? Paper clay? Hmmmm.

Smack forehead

I just got a 3D printer! (I’m not cheap about everything). I was able to choose from several ready to print nutcrackers on Thingiverse.

This one didn’t print perfectly (and I’m too new at this to tell if the problem was me or the file); his head is squashed down to practically nothing, the snap together joints snapped off, and his hip looks weird. Perfect for the Lord of Misrule! I replaced his head with paper clay, and drilled some holes to joint him with wire. He’s going to be extremely mixed media.


Ooooo! This sounds cool already! Let’s see a pic of that squashed head!

Sorry, forgot the picture, have added it to that post. The hat piece includes the original head, the new head is paperclay. It’s like the printer lurched 1/4" to the left, then skipped a few rows.

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This sounds utterly fantastic!

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It looks like my Michael’s replacement has started its shipping journey! YAHOO!

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If you really want to DIYDS, here’s a post on making a nutcracker from beads and spools and such.

Here’s one made from clothes pegs https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gKlaO-HcNK8

And here’s a post on making a Nutcracker cocktail (you DID say any media) https://www.wikihow.com/Make-Nutcracker-Drinks

DIYDS–do it your damnself

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I have added those to my Nutcracker Along Board on Pinterest!

HA! If you like a really sweet drink/hangover, those listed there would probably be good!

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I love these!

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One year, I toyed with the idea of making a huge one for the porch. I think there was one on Pinterest made of buckets and cardboard boxes and things… my son loves nutcrackers. He has a collection of them.

Just don’t know if there is enough time for this project… will try to squeeze it in if I can!


@endymion I think there are a couple-few tutorial/how-to pins on the pinterest board, too!

I have had 2 nutcracker occasions today!

  1. My replacement nutcracker from Michael’s arrived today. It was also broken in the same spot, but more so. Sigh. Now I can use this one regardless, just like the last so I am just going to let it go. Half price is a suitable discount for a broken one (or 2 for the price of one). I already started dismembering disassembling the new guy.

  1. While looking for a gift bag for a family birthday, I found this xmas gift bag I made earlier this year using the front of a card we received to decorate it.