Take It and Go Wine Tote

When we go visiting and take along a bottle of wine, it’s always hard to hold on to as we manage our belongings. I was purusing wine totes and decided, as as I so often do…I can make that.

A pair of old jeans, some left over quilted fabric, paint, and an afternoon.

See the new tutorial!


Looks great! Love the embroidery and that you used the pocket of the jeans.

This is a great solve for a not-a-bad-problem-to-have, good thinking! I like the pocket, too, the perfect place for a travel corkscrew. :wine_glass:

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Awesome! I love the upcycling aspect, and the fun design.


What a great reuse that you know you will use!

I was hoping it was a cheese pocket! :cheese: :jeans:


Pocket was for a travel corkscrew, but cheese! Yes!


Cute! Great idea!

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Great idea! And nicely made too :slight_smile:

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I like the ingenuity of the reusing the pocket too. Clever and useful! It looks very well made and I like how you decorated it.


This is awesome! Love the functional pocket.

Clever! I love the pocket.

I have sooo much denim I have hoarded! This is a fantastic idea!

Congrats! Your Wine Tote is one of this week’s featured projects. You are awesome! :tada:

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Simply awesome! I’m working on a tut for this.

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The tut: Wine Tote from Old Jeans Tutorial

So practical & great looking too! Love the pocket.