2021 DeStash-Along

@TheMistressT I love your masks, especially the typewriter one. What pattern did you use? At this point I feel like I should be able to recognize the various patterns by the shape of the finished mask, but I’m not that observant.

Well, thank you! I had just a bit of that typewriter Tim Holtz print and was excited that I had enough to do a mask with the best bits. I use this pattern, which I had pinned in order to make reusable dust masks for woodworking and dealing with pine pollen season. She has updated it to include a wire across the bridge of the nose, but I don’t use that.

Today’s make didn’t use up much yarn, but sure is cute!

I will be making a patch of these cuties!


I like your Operation Use Up Yarn. And punkin’ bear is definitely a cutie!


Thank you! I think this Operation may take me all year long! I’m going to need cheering on!


I love the mail fabric :love_letter:

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I went to the school I sub at today and showed pictures of some of my crochet destash makes and found a few of my teacher friends interested in owning some of the items! Hurray!


That’s great!

Today’s project used up a skein of chunky yarn and a little bit of a smaller ball of the contrasting color. (Pattern linked in project.)


Wow, that’s impressive!

Finished a small baby blanket from stash yarn. It’s a bit smaller than I intended, but it told me it was done and I like to listen when the yarn speaks.

(Chart taken from this pattern)


Such a nice design.


I just destashed a bunch of decorative paper and rubber stamps by giving them to a coworker. I’ve decided to step back from most of my card making and scrapbooking supplies for now since I wasn’t using them more than once or twice a year. I have plenty of fabric and yarn to occupy my crafty-attention.


I did a similar move with all my card stock and ink/stamps embosser and heat gun when my sister said she wanted to make her Christmas cards for 2020- that was before the covid adventure began. She is a nurse and had been working in her kids schools so had lots of time but when Covid hit she went back to her true calling of infection control and leading teams of nurses in tricky situations, so she never got to make any. I’m hoping things get back to a place where maybe we could have a nice leisurely crafternoon and make some for Christmas 2021while scandal-of-scandals-no-more sitting at the same table.


I made my kids some costumes for carnival (although it’s cancelled due to corona reasons) and since it was a last minute project I only used what I had in my stash.
It also goes with the February theme:
Color: red (Spiderman costume)
For: A loved one (or rather two loved ones)


Excellent! They look so great, please tell them I like their outfits very much indeed!

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Those costumes are fannnnnntastic!

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Wow, awesome. Both are amazing. Great Mom work. I want those abs.

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I have made 8 projects so far in my Operation Use Up Yarn project, with my latest being this Valentine’s wreath:


These yarn flowers are a really interesting project, great for using up ends!