2021 Sustainable mend-along

We bought this small pet playpen for our foster kittens to create a tissue pit (crumpled tissue paper and kittens, so much fun) but our young forever cat has claimed it as his safe place/playpen. But one side ripped, so hand-stitched patch. Let’s hope it lasts a while longer, trying to stitch on a springy, pop-up item is challenging.


Sewing on nylon is a challenge, period! Glad you were able to repair it…

My cat is getting bored…I am going to see if he will play with some tissue paper.


Felix loves tissue paper. Well Felix loves anything that moves or crinkles or both. Today was a good day for him because we had a few flies in the house due to home construction projects. He is so happy.


Always nice to have someone who’s glad when flies get in! :laughing:


I did a whole pile of mending today on a Skype call with sewing friends! I fixed a hole in Mr Imma’s jeans, two pairs of sweatpants that were fraying, shortened the straps of a few cami tops that I have. The only thing I didn’t fix was those slippers.

@AIMR The soles of his slippers look almost as bad as the ones in the tutorial! I already have some of that ready-made sole fabric with the rubber drops in my stash, and in the right colour as well. I already figured that I was going to need to rip out the whole sole to get a good looking finish. They also have a weird shape. I don’t have them here but it’s this model:

Ajax is his favourite football (soccer) club, and they’re very comfortable, and they don’t sell these anymore. They are awfully ugly but football is like a religion in this country.


Sounds like A fun and productive stitch party!

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They are shaped like wooden shoes! lol Good luck…I know you can do it!


I got these gloves so I wouldn’t tear up my garden gloves dealing with breaking up some concrete that had to be removed to repair our sewer line, but they didn’t make it…


the dip for tool handles that comes in a can works well on them as a patch

Although this is also a commercial quilt, it’s one of my favorites. Shamefully, it has also been on the mending pile for a ridiculously long time.

Most of the threadbare spots looked like this:

But all the repairs have been made! I tried out different stitch styles, non-white threads, and finally used all the scrap threads on the last patch. Which I was skeptical of, but turned out to be my favorite.

Super happy both of my favorites are back in snuggle rotation!

Edit: Well. As I was folding it, I found another threadbare spot. Sneaky!

Okay, 2 more patches. I regret using the darker thread (to have kept it all lighter), but it’s done now. And I’m more pleased to have it patched.


I love this mend so much! it reminds me of my Holly Hobbie “Blue Girl” things. :heart_eyes:


Awww, I love Holly Hobbie!