2022 Destash-Along

Y’all are doing good work. It looks and sounds like a BIG job and it’s impressive that you all are going through and dispersing thoughtfully.

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Oof. Flashbacks to emptying my parents’ house, where we swore Dad’s collections of electronics magazines were holding up the house. Two Great Depression babies, both collectors & enablers. I felt it was an impossible task, every time i went to the house to work … it took my teenage type-A, driven, no-nonsense niece three days to clean out the basement & give me hope again that we would one day finish. She drove my nephews & brothers hard those three days, and it was glorious. And it made me vow not to put her through it again because of me. Destash! Destash! :wink:


Yeah, I just threw out over 40 years of tax returns and personal papers…I have set myself a task to consolidate, trash, donate, etc. each week. My nephew has already told me that he is not even going to go through our stuff…just haul it all to the dump! So, I am trying to give my nieces and other relatives things NOW…I also managed to use up one bin of yarn over the last year! I actually have an empty container! lol


Dad saved AAA Trip-tiks from the 60s. For trips we never even took. Aaaaaaaaa. :wink:

My own destashing: i was saving some dresses that don’t fit, to turn into fabric & use, but … it has been three years. So i gave them instead to a friend who just got her first office job (instead of retail) and she will actually wear them!


Yes mom was a depression era kid too. Grew up on a rented farm where they provided most their own food. She had two dresses for school and shoes came off as soon as possible at home to save them.
She did warn us! But her request was to give away as much as we could, no estate sale if possible. I think we honored her wishes.


No pics, but I used some of the scraps of this cat print to wrap a couple of gifts I will be taking on a quick trip I’m going on in 8 days. One is a book with fabric wrapped around it and secured with orange ric rac, and the other is a small box-bottom bag with a ribbon tie that’s white grosgrain with black polka dots.


This might be just the challenge needed to inspire double your destashing!


Managed another skein down from the yarn stash. Moses basket



I didn’t use up much of a skein on this project, but every little bit counts, right?
This was for my shop in STS & I have plans to make another with a larger “mouth”

and the link to my project: produce bag


Oh, I love it! It grows as you stuff it, right?

yep! very stretchy

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I have used this kitty fabric to wrap a few gifts recently, but this is the only one that’s sewn or finished. It’s such great fabric and perfect for an almost-October just-because gift as well as for this particular October birthday.

Both fabrics are from stash as well as both ribbons. YEY!


I like that pattern. Very stretchy and pretty ”weightless” in the right yarn.


I’d cycled most of these market bags back into stash to cut up for other projects but what a waste of all that pressing, cutting & sewing getting them to 80% done. There are over 20 finishe with a few more to go.
Corduroy medium duty

Unlined light duty.

They’ll be donated to a charity bazaar along with over 20 reversable gift bags. The ribbon was all from stash too.


Nice craft productivity there!

The weather has turned here- cooler, today windy and gray. It’s making me want to start all the projects in my mind and flit between them like one of the squirrels out my window scurrying about on their own winter prep project.


Next batch done!

That makes 28 done & I found 9 more just needing handles. There’s a stack of fabric I don’t think I’ll ever use for anything else so I see even more eventual bags!

I am laser focused over here, woo!


Go go go!

As far as the eye can see, ugh, this is why I never finish these projects.


You’ve got this! Think of all the good they’ll do in the world by hitting their potential- and all the space you’ll free-up at home! Golllllld!



I’d say “never again” but then a liar I’d be.

I already have plans for a stack of fabric, HA!