2022 Destash-Along

The April prompt has me already plotting & planning!


Spring is a heavy birthday time for my peeps, so when I saw something like this on pinterest I decided to do a few for some of the upcoming spring (and one summer) birthday! All the papers, stamps, gems, etc. are from stash. I did buy candles and the matchbooks, though. Now I have a matchbook stash, because the box had 100 in it. :person_shrugging:


:tada::tada: Announcement :tada::tada:

There is a new sitewide craft challenge contest. If you have made something inspired by this(or any other) craftalong, then this challenge is for you.
Inspired-along 2022 lettuce craft challenge

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Yay! I’m hoping to properly participate this year. We just moved and my craft stash is, unfortunately, still packed, but the goal this year is to use up or donate at least 1/2 of my stash. I don’t have any one particular craft-love so I’ve got supplies for lots of different kinds of crafts, another of my goals is to use up the oldest item in each “type” section.


Ooo! It will be fun to watch your progress!

Delia’s April Fools Day disguise: The Schmawzalotl was all stash.

It’s sheer luck that I have a generic hot pink anything, let alone polar fleece which was the perfect material for this. And sheer luck that while mulling over what to stuff them with I remembered not only that I had caulk backer rod, but knew exactly where it was. WOO!


This is just such a great prompt for April. Tonight I started my project - got my base ready, washing some supplies, gathering together other supplies. Doing it all from stash!


I can’t wait to see what you make!

I made my first rag wreath (and I say “first” because can definitely see this becoming an addiction) all from stash for the recent flat rate swap. Some fabrics I know I inherited from the stash of a woman who passed in 1997, the rest all date from there out. I love how it came out and I think part of why I took so long finishing the rest of the crafting for that swap was to keep it hanging in my space longer! Haha

This pic shows the colors better.


It’s amazing that you had so many fabrics that all work so well together for this wreath! It’s so very spring-y!

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Hoo-boy! After probably 16 or so hours of digging, planning, cutting, and sewing I have made 4 mismatched throw pillow covers for our new sofa! All the fabric is stash as well as the notions. I did buy 2 of the 3 sizes of cord to make the piping.


EDIT: I just realized that these might fit a couple of the April prompts! The color yellow, and the random “pattern.”


I did some crafting from stash. Very small amounts of everything, but I did use up some safety eyes:


These are adorable! I find it very difficult to really make a noticeable dent in stash myself, but it’s still nice to have completed projects that required little or no newly bought supplies!


Does it count if I busted someone else’s tee-shirt stash? I’ve somehow ended up as the person for photojournalists-who-know-my-friend-Sol to go to for turning their tees into quilts! (OK, well him and two of his friends). :person_shrugging:

I did use batting & thread from my stash, though! And have hardly any extra cotton or flannel left over, which I consider a big win. :checkered_flag:


Helping others with their stash totally counts!

I was waiting for my swap partner to receive from the fill a flat rate box swap. The swap was perfect motivation for me because I went through some of my stash and found items I had forgotten I had. For the crocheted purse I did buy the hardware.

NSFW swear words. I’m totally in love with this project. I really hope she likes it.


Quick-ish stash-only box card to include with a barely-any-stash gift.


I’ve been using up loads of little bitty stash scraps, soon I’ll have a whole whack of things to post. Until then, here’s this teeny weeny offering of a sweary little bit sent to somebody who needed some more eff bombs in their life, haha.



I’ve been thinking a lot about my “stash style” lately.

I love the idea of the wild and crammed-with-everything stash, but then I find I’m letting things languish too long. Either I got them in a “Mystery Box” (which I really need to stop doing) and can’t think what to do with them, I fall out of love with it over time, or they might actually age out (think dried out paints/markers, etc.).
And lately I’ve been thinking about “using the good stuff” and how if I have too much for my space then I can’t find (or have forgotten about) something that was once The Good Stuff. I have also come to realize that I wouldn’t have Good Stuff Paralysis if I actually used the stuff in a timely fashion. With few exceptions most supplies could be replenished if I use them soon enough. Unless it is a special thing from an indie artist, a handmade thing that’s OOK, vintage, or something like that I could go get more if needed/wanted. If I “wreck” it in a project attempt or mess around with it on something only to afterward find The Perfect Project for it and I dilly dally too long or hoard it in indecision-land for ages then it may be discontinued or so rare that now I have created the problem I was afraid of having.

And finally, having a flush stash has made it so that I don’t get to enjoy acquiring a new Good Stuff that speaks to the me-of-now because I argue with myself that I already have so much I should use that up first. There is literally an independent yarn store within walking distance of my house where I have lived since 2014. How many times have I been in there? Twice. Because I have so much yarn already that doesn’t have a project assigned to it I don’t let myself just wander over there (and either blow my budget or be the lookie-loo who fondles the fibers and doesn’t buy. No one wants to be THAT gal.) It is sad, really. I should be in that store like every week! (Ok, at least monthly would be appropriate.)

All this rambling to say I have been thinking about what a working stash should look like to me now, in this mind-set, and in this phase of life. I struggle with just giving stuff away that I “could totally use if I did…” because I am certainly no Rockerfeller and it seems foolish to donate away yarn and go buy yarn. But that might actually be the right choice to get the yarn living its full potential and me able to hunt and gather for specific projects as the whim strikes. And then actually make them.

Thanks for reading, I’ve been trying to get out of my head and into some action on this. We all got covid this month so it’s been a low-activity April but I am trying to maintain my “craft a little every day” goals… and all from stash, naturally! :slight_smile:


You sound like you are deep in thought & practical planning, full support! You’re certainly not alone… Reorganizing the studio (studioS, let’s be real here. My crap is in several areas of the house :face_with_diagonal_mouth:), I once again had to face the full width & breadth of the stash & it is disproportionately ridiculous. I’ve been keeping up your regular crafting routine (thanks for the motivation!) & knocking off UFOs but my gosh, there’s just so darn much of it! I have some decisions to make. I’m trepidatious.


I was loving your home organizing posts when you created so much breathing room everywhere- my house spirits are really pulling my attention towards that need here now. Breathing room in all categories. The stash needs to be tamed, not exactly sure the best method yet, but a slow and steady crafting daily routine (and not buying anything that isn’t specifically for a started project) are helping to slow the spread.

A local shop was posting for yarn donations for someone in the community to use in teaching classes somewhere. I thought about bringing some over and then we were in isolation windows that outlasted the call to yarns. A sign that I should just use it up… or coincidence?