New Species of Mudpuppy Discovered in Montana: Schmawzalotl!

Here’s how this went down:

  1. Delia does this adorable dog thing where she rolls around on her back flinging all four of her legs all around and making this snorfling pant-snort that we call “schmawzling” and so one of Delia’s nicknames is “Schmawz.”

  1. Approx Feb 23 Delia was really having a nice long schmawz sesh on the bed and I said to her in that puppy-talk voice, “What are you doin’ in there Schmawzalotl?”

  1. On Feb 26, @Redheadedblonde posted an awesome axolotl rock birthday cake she made for her son.

  1. Sometime not long after, I got the notion that Delia might need an axolotl disguise so I started looking at pictures online. It turns out the a black axolotl is a real thing and also the most common morph of axolotls!

It’s made with some inexpensive black felt and hot pink polar fleece - both from stash. I cut the fringe-y bits with pinking sheers to give them an extra frilly look. There is also a small piece of caulk backer rod in each one to stuff them, but keep them lightweight. That is also from stash! Then they’re all sewn to a felt strip, that I folded to create a sleeve that slips over her collar. Delia will only wear a disquise or costume if we trick her into thinking it’s a collar or jacket. :wink: It also helps if I’m holding treats while trying to get her to model, but it doesn’t help much for getting her to model. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I realize there are some slight Demogorgon vibes going on, but luckily this is just a fun April Fool’s costume and she’s super laid back/doesn’t have access to a mirror. :grimacing:

Fun Fact: Mudpuppies and axolotls are both salamanders that have those fancy external gills.


that is a super cute pupper & love this little costume. I’ve never had a dog that would tolerate even a bandana.

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This is awesome!

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I love the little gill frills :smile:.

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Thanks, friends!

Our dearly departed Betty loved a costume or outfit! With Delia, she has come around a bit in her dotage, but she won’t go for sleeves or legs and there is no way she’d tolerate a hat or hood!

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I got such a kick out of cutting those frilly gillies!

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Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Oh Delia! This is hilarious & fantastic. I love it.

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How absolutely adorable! I LOVE the color! So cute. She’s so stylin’ now.

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Delia looks great in her new costume!

Aaaaah!! SO FUNNN! She’s an adorable Schmawzalotl!

Hahahaha…I enjoyed the walkthrough of this fun project. I was totally getting Demogorgon vibes, so glad you acknowledged. :laughing: Schmawzalotl is way better!

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I love this so much!

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She looks so proud of it! Adorable :two_hearts:

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This is incredible!! That doggie is too adorable for words, and I want to give so many pets and kisses to that sweet face. :heart::heart:

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Thanks, everyone! It was a fun and quick make.

Delia is the best faux 'lotl I’ve ever seen!


Woohoo! Delia’s new spiffy look is one of this week’s featured projects! GO YOU! :partying_face: :star:

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This is sooooo CUTE!!!

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Awwwww look at Delia, she’s absolutely adooooooorable!!! :heart_eyes:

I have to say I did think that she was being a demogorgon at first (especially having just watched Stranger Things for like the 3rd or 4th time), but a Schmawzalotl is even better!! I just love that you cut the fringe with the pinking sheers, it really does make them look super axolotl frilly :smile:

Give Delia a snuggle and a treat for me!!