2022 Destash-Along

The green challenge got me inspired to use a piece of broken Christmas tree to make a wreath.

Husband: “where did that come from?”
Me: “it broke off the Christmas tree a few years ago”
H: “and you kept it in your room for years?”
M: “here is a wreath!!”
H: “cool”

I described my construction process in its own post and aside from the bead garland, which I got from the op shop, it was all from stash (or in the case of the coathanger, the house).


Your wreath is so good!

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Thanks! As tedious as all that wrapping was, I really love the twine look and am so glad I didn’t cover it anymore than I did.

I am also quite impressed that 3 of the 4 pairs of unused plane socks we got when travelling in August are already gone from my stash! Were they even stash?!?!

:rofl: We’ll never know. :thinking:

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This wreath is made with stash and “trash”! Wreath form, ribbon, wire, glue, and dies were all stuff on hand and the pine cones and sprigs are cut from beverage cans.


This is so lovely in so many ways! Love that perfect colored ribbon…gives the whole wreath a “frosty” appearance.

Are the edges of the cut outs sharp? I have made a few things out of cans and have been cut a few times.

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This was all stash:

Fulled wool cardigan
Super old moth proof weaving yarn (so probably toxic, heh…)
Fiberfill, either thrifted or from sacrificed thrift shop stuffies
One of my worn holey socks
Some sewing thread

I don’t mind the potentially toxic yarn since it’s a small amount and it’s not anything that will be washed and get into the environment. It’ll just protect my yarn stash and make me happy when I see it :slight_smile:


Logging into LC for the first time since… February? It has been so long - I have so much to catch up on! I’m so glad to see the DeStash Thread going strong and I’m hoping I’ll have something to add before too long.


Hey, hey!! Welcome back! We have missed you!

I hope coming back means tiny dresses!

Since that’s about all I’ve managed to make this year, there will definitely be some tiny dresses. I’ll try to come up with a representative sampling. :slight_smile:


YEY! You’re here! Can’t wait to see the tiny fashion show!

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Hey-oh! I wanted to give Trillian the chance to take back this craftalong if she wants to, so sent her a PM late last week. If she’s not interested, I will start up 2023 at the end of the week. That said, don’t hold back on bustin’ your stashes in the meantime!


Just about all of my projects for 2023 will be from stash!

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That’s awesome! My first project of 2023 is all stash, too.


I’m still running my numbers for 2022. I was doing pretty well on a low-buy until the very end when a misunderstanding of how many of a particular item I was supposed to make and a miscalculation of how much fabric said items would take added at least 6 yards to stash. That’s going to take a while to recover from…

I thought I’d pop in with some of my stash projects from the last couple weeks of the year.

First up, some bibs for my mom. It was hard to find anything in stash to make these with, since I go for small scale fabrics in small cuts. But there were a couple suitable options lingering in the corners.

Starting out with some more scarflike bibs since I thought those would be easier for her to manipulate with her limited dexterity:

She didn’t really like that so I tried another version. She had some other modifications she wanted, but I had to go with new fabric for the others (and acquired way too much in the process)

On a brighter note, my good friend @katiebread got me into fountain pens in the second half of the year and requested a pen roll to hold her collection. I had to pick up some flannel for the interior but I was so happy to finally be able to use the outer fabric. I’d been saving it for something special.


Good to see you! Glad to see you still using up stash…I imagine that with your little projects, it is difficult to use up large quantities of fabric! I am learning to buy less as most of my projects are not huge either. I did manage to pass on some of the fabrics that I bought in quantity with no purpose in mind…I am a sucker for rainbow fabrics and batiks and have to tell myself that there is no shortage of these!!!

Nice fountain pen roll! I used to collect fountain pens…lots of them…I still have some of the inks that I use for other projects…

A little story: When I worked at a large law firm, I was given a beautiful Monte Blanc fountain pen as some sort of mile marker gift. I had it for about a month. Back in the days of check writing, I went to Walmart and wrote a check. The cashier needed to do something to the check and asked if she could borrow my pen…not thinking, I handed it to her. Of course, I forgot to ask for it back and walked out. I often wonder if she knew the value of that pen or if it was trashed when it ran out of ink…lol…the pen was probably worth about $1200…

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@AIMR - oh gad, what a nightmare! I haven’t ventured out of the Lamy Safari range yet, and I’m already worried I’ll lose one.

I still have some nice pens but I leave them at home to use for letter writing.

Oo-oo! Time to vote in the Green Holiday “Greens” Challenge!

And this year’s Bake Off!

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There are a couple days left if anyone has some last projects from 2022 to share but I just wanted to announce that the 2023 DeStash-Along thread is up and running. Join the party over there when you’re ready!